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5 Top B2B Marketing Trends To Implement In 2022 (Death Of The Cookie)

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

5 Top B2B Marketing Trends To Implement In 2022 | Black Girl Ventures
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Considering the death of the cookie

In the blink of an eye, 2021 has passed us by. Now we're just looking ahead to 2022. There is only one month left, and we're sure you've already started planning your marketing strategy for the upcoming year. So, let's discuss some marketing trends for the upcoming year.

First of all, the big question is: How will the marketing industry change after the cookie's demise?

Did you know?

Chrome will no longer support third-party cookies in 2022, Google has revealed. Considering that Chrome has about 70% of the browser market share, this is a significant development. It'll have a substantial impact on most businesses.

Can digital businesses live without the Cookie?

Many businesses and advertisers depend on web tracking, but peoples' privacy worries have escalated. When the EU adopted, the GDPR customers became more aware of their online privacy. Consumers can already disable third-party cookies and tracking, but digital marketers are trying to adapt.

Many gather first-party or zero-party data to understand their consumers better and offer relevant advertising. The elimination of cookie traction allows the usage of online surveys and consumer or brand interaction tools. To do this, you need to upgrade your CRM software.

Since the pandemic, many people's behaviors have changed, and digital technology has become the new normal for many activities. However, after the pandemic, this also means that people's behaviors will not. Therefore, learn to adapt to new technology.

There are 4 specific marketing trends, though, that is too transparent to be merely predicted:

  1. The role of digital marketing will only grow in importance.

  2. The importance of content marketing will rise.

  3. Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) marketing will take the lead in the future.

  4. While using third-party data may help brands better understand their customers, it won't be enough for them to guess.

Businesses need to use a more proactive approach for client retention. While many companies are still seeking fresh acquisitions, client retention is becoming more critical as rivalry in the digital realm heats up. Below are 5 trends you can maintain to stay informed with technology, maintain customer retention, and make it out alive by the end of 2022:

Top 5 B2B marketing trends you need to implement for 2022:

1. Content Is Dead, Long Live Simplicity

Hearing content is king is a saturated phrase. The internet is awash with fabricated and complex material, whereas simplicity and clarity are monarchs. Consumers want high-quality, original content that is easy to grasp. Regrettably, the internet is awash with material that barely stands out. Consumers seek a fresh spin on the usual ten ways to enhance productivity.

Although it's challenging to develop new strategies to teach others, you can always dig deep within yourself for raw creativity by using your personal experiences to share your thoughts. People want to feel connected to what you publish. They don't want to look for ways to fit themselves into your content because they've seen it a few times elsewhere on the internet.

For example, you may add quizzes, games, and questions to your blog. As quality has become more crucial, avoid producing substandard material to meet rising customer expectations. Remember not to publish every day. It's better to give higher quality material less often, but make sure it's relevant, entertaining, and valuable.

2. Create B2B Content

Many B2B organizations often overlook B2B since they believe "businessmen don't search the internet for solutions," so they spend a lot of time cold-calling and emailing. For example, the current fad is to communicate on LinkedIn. It seldom works since it's used primarily for sales pitches. B2B content is vital. Trends change so quickly that B2B managers occasionally Google for solutions.

So after you read a blog article on a particular solution, you might have faith in the brand and want to speak with a person to learn more. What if the same brand exclusively messaged you on LinkedIn? How different would that feel? This creates a warm connection between a curious client and the brand.

How many potential clients do you think are lost due to a lack of B2B content?

3. Better Storytelling

By 2022, everyone will be a writer. Even brands must convey tales about their goods or services. Nobody wants to hear how great your product is. They want to hear about a time you helped address a particular issue. Flowery language is still common, while the product's benefits are seldom shown in real-life situations.

Have you done the following:

  • Did your service double productivity? Show it.

  • Did your product aid in achieving a goal? Show it.

  • Did your product improve your consumers' fitness? Show it.

  • Did your business solution assist another company with double delivery rates? Show it.

The new marketing is storytelling. Your clients will think, "Damn, maybe I should try this."

4. Invest in Webinars

Whether webinars, seminars, or product launches, online events are always a terrific method to reach current and prospective new customers. I see more businesses taking part in online events. They also allow them to collect data on the event's audience immediately.

Use this method to create customer profiles to market directly to your potential consumers. It will reduce the need for third-party information and help develop a deeper audience connection through email marketing.

Closer connections with your audience will help your company thrive in the long run.

5. Invest In Strong Brand Imaging

We live in an image-driven world. To build a strong brand image, be creative, and communicate effectively. To generate positive word-of-mouth, focus on offering exceptional services and rapid communication. While digital advertising will remain important in your marketing plan, it will become more costly.

In reality, Google Ads prices have risen yearly due to Google's keyword bidding pricing. As the competition for internet advertising grows, so does the cost. Aim to raise brand recognition organically. Consider developing a plan that benefits your audience over time. For instance, you can create educational videos, weekly podcasts, or site material that informs and adds value instead of yelling "buy now!"

In 2022, we will see a significant shift in how we sell our products and services. Many companies depend significantly on cookie-based digital advertising, and the death of the cookie is a considerable blow. Even if we don't know the long-term effects, one thing is for sure: consumers will continue to want more and more.

It's better to start experimenting with various advertising methods: test, measure, and track the performance. Do you have the capacity to meet the needs of your customers? You do! The year 2022 promises to be an eventful one. So let's face it head-on.

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