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5 Proven Ways To Market Your Business Without Relying On Social Media

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Proven Ways To Market Your Business Without Relying On Social Media  | Black Girl Ventures
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The unpredictable algorithms of social media are wreaking havoc on small business owners. Entrepreneurs who use live videos to market and sell their products depend on their followers to purchase, feel this the most. Social media seems like the most uncomplicated strategy to cast a wide net.

However, marketing can go beyond relying on social media channels and its constant algorithm changes. Most entrepreneurs fail to realize that if that marketing channel crashes or changes somehow, this impacts their businesses and the clientele they've worked so hard to build. In the wake of the recent shutdowns of major social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, here are 5 ways to not rely on social media algorithms to market and sell your products.

1. Build A Website - Your business needs a home for repeated customers regardless of site issues or algorithm changes. Don't rely on Etsy, Instagram, or Facebook to be your main point of contact. Purchase a domain you own and control, so your customers will always access you and your products. If you're bootstrapping your business, then we suggest—it's free to start.

2. Learn & Use Email Marketing - Email marketing is how you can further deepen your relationship with your customers and turn them into loyal fans. First, create a landing page or a sign-up pop-up on your site offering discounts to collect email addresses. This exchange allows you to share new product drops, events, sales, and more.

Second, offer an incentive such as a 10-20% discount for them signing up for your email list. Use marketing languages like discounts, early access, exclusive to create excitement and engagement.

3. The Power Of Linktree - Linktree is a launchpad for everywhere you are online. This crafty free tool lets you anchor your social media links in one place. You can also use it to share published works, updates of your availability, or anything else you'd like to share.

4. Use Multiple Channels - What channels are currently trending? Use the trends to create visibility of you and your products in a fun, creative way. For instance, learn the latest dance challenges and engage your products and prices in a visually appealing way. Or, learn to do creative transitions with your products like this.

5. Link Back To Your Website - Always link back to your website. You want people to know where and how to find you and your products or services.

Understand the limitations and don't be beholden to social media algorithms. Having a personalized space like a website gives you control, and you won't have to work against the constant algorithm changes that can impact whether or not your followers see and engage with you.

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Tiffany Arnold is an author, publisher, editor, and writer. She has always been a writer. Tiffany has a BFA in Creative Writing and is studying for her Master's in PR. Tiffany is now the copywriter for Black Girl Ventures. Tiffany has a deep passion for words and loves to create different avenues of art with them. To keep up with Tiffany and her writing, you can follow her on all socials under @tiffanywrites2.

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