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BGV Pitch + JetPack + Corporate Mentoring,
Any combination of the BGV style pitch competition, JetPack Curriculum Experience, corporate mentorship, BGV’s supplier diversity program, and access to funding as well as guidance for state and local business certifications in order to create long term sustainable solutions for gaining economic security through entrepreneurship for black/brown woman-identifying founders.
​Amplify BGV - Pitch
BGV Connect Incubator

BGV Connect Incubator

BGV Connect is Black Girl Ventures' online community for Black/Brown women founders. We are a collective of Black/Brown woman-identifying entrepreneurs and business leaders who are innovating and bringing our creative vision to life.
Become a member to:
-Share and receive resources.
-Learn from and connect with experts.
-Make new friends and business connections.
-Talk through challenges and celebrate victories.
-Engage in culturally relevant entrepreneurial learning experiences.
-Access to business referrals and coaching.

Change Agent Program

BGV Change Agents create access to social and financial capital for black/brown women in their ecosystem. Change Agents belong to a BGV Chapter. We are currently in Birmingham, Durham, Houston, Miami, and Philly! Change Agents host BGV Style pitch competitions in their communities to create low barrier access to capital for b/b women in their community. They also deliver educational content including the Pitch Masters Program, Contract Clinic, and Content Camp. 
Change Agent Program
BGV Approach

2 Hours

4 Hours

8 Hours

Our approach is to create engagements in increments of two hours, half day (4 hours)  and (8 hours) full day with specific tangible outcomes to cater to the lifestyle of Black and Brown women founders. Black Girl Ventures has made a national footprint by creating uniquely engaging programs in Washington, DC, Baltimore, Detroit, Houston, Miami, Durham, Birmingham, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Austin, and NYC. 

Corporate Mentoring Program

Corporate Mentoring Program

The BGV Corporate Mentoring Program matches Idea Stage, Pre-Seed, and Seed Stage founders within BGV’s network to mentors at large and established organizations. The purpose of this program is to match Black/Brown woman-identifying founders with mentors and resources for maximizing investments and funds to grow their business strategically as well as gain industry specific knowledge that gives our founders a competitive advantage for running and scaling their business.

BGV Supplier
Diversity Initiative

The BGV Supplier Diversity initiative bridges the gap between businesses owned by Black/Brown woman-identifying founders and large corporations. This initiative opens the door to  low barrier access to obtaining long term and sustainable contracts with large organizations for founders and provides a solution to corporations for creating a pipeline to doing business with minority owned businesses in order to diversify the impact of capital in the ecosystem.
BGV Supplier Diversity Initiative

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