BGV Connect Member Dr. Holly: We Thrive Because BGV Has Our Backs

So what if we told you that there's a community of Black and Brown women entrepreneurs, startup founders, creatives, and change-makers―who gather regularly to amplify each other's voices and ideas? And let's further suggested that these women are working on making the world a better place for all of us, individually and collectively? You'll find them at the BGV Connect Incubator.

The BGV Connect Incubator provides a comprehensive platform for select women interested in developing their businesses to access the support they need. As part of the BGV community, we aspire to create opportunities for our members to put themselves in the best positions for success. Black and Brown Women will gain the resources they need to launch their ventures. We believe by creating a thriving ecosystem, we create opportunities for Black and Brown women to disrupt the status quo. We're highlighting Dr. Holly Sawyer, a long-standing member of BGV Connect Incubator.