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Envisioning Women in
Business as Elite Athletes

Black Girl Ventures is taking it from #FromHomeCourtToHomeOffice and teaming up with Nike to support the empowerment of Black and Brown women-identifying entrepreneurs. Brands like Nike break barriers every day and push the boundaries of empowerment within their industry. This is the kind of disruption that BGV sets out to make in our work towards financial equity. We are activating impact on a deeper level, together BGV and Nike aim to shift the landscape of entrepreneurship and re-envision the businesswoman as an elite athlete. We will launch with a BGV Change Agent Fellowship in Chicago, A nationwide tournament-style pitch competition, a mural project to celebrate today's Black/Brown women founders and storytelling.

BGV x Nike Tournament - Style Pitch Competition
BGV x Nike Tournament - Style Pitch Competition
29-Apr-2021, 7:00 pm GMT-4

Disrupting the Status Quo

Shelly Bell, BGV home team disruptor and point guard, created Black Girl Ventures to reimagine the way underrepresetned women entrepreneurs get access to financial and social capital — a disruption that brings real change to women of color. Shelly started BGV in 2016 in a house in southeast DC with about 30 women. Since then BGV has grown to serve 12 cities, funded over 130 women, representing $10 million in revenue and 3,000 jobs.



This summer Black Girl Ventures Foundation is installing murals across America! In continuation of BGV's new partnership with Nike, the goal of this project is to elevate underrepresented woman-identifying Founders through the arts on a local level and to shine a light on the work of some of the most dynamic change agents in our communities. We are excited to be working on a grassroots level in a few of our beloved chapter cities: Washington D.C., Miami, and Chicago!

We are just getting started, stick around for a while and watch us work. 

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