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What You Missed: The Skinny On BGV

Did you miss the skinny on BGV? Well, no worries, you can catch up in one full sweep. Every month we bring you the latest tea and what's happening behind the scenes of BGV. This is a roundup of news and events that happened during the previous month. We will continue to seek out new opportunities and partnerships with organizations to help us fulfill our mission so we can continue to support you: our Black and Brown women founders. Now on to the news.

The BGV Tea

BGV x Experian North America

The biggest barrier we've seen for Black women starting companies is a lack of knowledge about the right financial resources available to them. Whether it’s how to raise funds, how to utilize credit to their advantage, borrowing and managing debt, there are information and tools that they need but simply aren’t aware of. This partnership with Experian is one big step in truly helping unlock the potential of our community through increasing financial literacy. So, we are very excited about this ongoing partnership and this ongoing commitment to increase the financial knowledge of as many Black and Brown women founders as possible.

Goldman Sachs x BGV

On November 10th, BGV had the opportunity to pitch at the Goldman Sachs Gives Analyst Fund Award. We were thrilled to come in 2nd place, receiving the Goldman Sachs Gives Analyst Fund Award and $125k to support our critical work creating access to social and financial capital for Black and Brown women founders.


We’re in the process of growing our chapters and are looking to expand in the LA market while also sustaining the Houston market. Thanks to OMAZE, the grant that we’ve received will help us do that!

Giving Tuesday is December 1, 2020. This is a yearly event that BGV is proud to be a part of. Let’s overwhelm the world with GOOD! We'd love to hear what makes you support Black Girl Ventures. Tweet us and we'll retweet you.


This month's featured money opportunity.

The Lemon-Aid Foundation where Marcus pledged $50M to champion his charitable mission of supporting and investing in underserved communities and small businesses. These investments will be in the form of loans and equity investments and will be designed to have a measurable charitable impact on the communities and businesses being served by the foundation. The foundation also intends to make grants to other charitable organizations that share the same mission and goals. Lemonis intends to apply the same type of rigor that he applies in his own investments to the impact investing of the foundation.

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