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Black Girl Ventures Program


 Capital include social capital - Grow your network.

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bgv ventures | Black Girl Ventures

Community Manifesto

We believe in doing good by doing well. 
We believe that social capital is the key to unlocking financial capital.
We want to learn from experts in order to become experts and make more money.
We view financial independence as a path to leadership and sustainable businesses.
We recognize that there is information that we as underrepresented women have not historically had access to and we plan to gain access to it together, strategically.
We believe that access to capital, healthcare, professional services, and a network of women founders will distinguish the barriers to long-term business sustainability. 
We believe in sharing resources, talking through challenges, holding space for one another, and celebrating our victories.

A Year+ in Biz?

New to Business?




The BGV Connect Incubator is dedicated to the Black Girl Ventures' mission to accelerate 100,000 women to economic advancement via community, education, and leadership. The BGV Connect Incubator is for women-identifying entrepreneurs and business leaders at all levels who are innovating and dedicated to leveling up their vision, idea, or business.


  • You are welcome to join BGV Connect at any stage. We suggest that you be in business at least a year to take full advantage of all of the perks available. 

  • You can join from anywhere in the world. 

  • Your business can be in any industry.

  • We are open to founders, CEOs, Intrapreneurs,and Entrepreneurs.

"It wasn’t until I joined this community that I felt like I was somewhere that I  am comfortable enough to speak up when I didn't know what things meant and be honest and vulnerable. This community is more than what I've gotten from more traditional organizations where I feel like you have to put on a front to be part of a group.”  

Christina Wright,  Founder of WrightNow

The Perks

  • Peer Mentoring & 

    Business referrals.

  • Funding opportunities.

  • Weekly Virtual Co-working.

  • Weekly Virtual Pitch Practice.

  • Monthly Women in Business Support Groups.

  • Feedback sessions, coaching, and networking opportunities.

  • Access to exclusive webinars, courses, and workshops (including replays).

  • Access to experts, introductions and insider knowledge on leadership development, thought leadership and entrepreneurial education.

FB Community

Looking for a place to start?

Our Facebook Community is a place for founders to connect, share announcements, and collaborate. We curate the group to keep the content relevant and relatable.  Funders, mentors, advisors and ecosystem builders use streaming to share their expertise and support. 

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