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The Only Mental Health Directory You Need: Streamline Your Search

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Are you struggling with your mental health as an entrepreneur? If you answer yes, remember you're only as good as your business. Therefore it's crucial to prioritize your mental health. In this article, we provide some mental health resources that might be helpful as you continue to research therapists and resources to support you. Of course, find out all you can about each platform before deciding.

1. Therapyden

Therapyden is an online directory that helps users access a wide range of therapy specialists. They offer options to meet specialists either virtually or in person. The directory services many individuals of all ages. Furthermore, platform users can request medication management and guidance on how to take medications.

2. Choosing Therapy

Choosing Therapy is another online directory where you can access mental health professionals in various locations.

3. Psychcentral

The Psychentral allows you to search for providers by location, name, specialty, condition, or procedure. You can filter providers by insurance, years of experience, office hours, and visit options, from virtual to in-person care. Users can further view how often a provider treats a condition or performs a procedure, read patient reviews, and sort providers by their rating. And they can pin specific mental health providers to the top of your screen for quick and easy access.

4. Mental Health Match

Mental Health Match is another advanced search platform for getting help from licensed therapists. Their method here involves asking five questions to understand better what you need to assign to a therapist. This website has a map and zip code feature through which you can pinpoint your location for a more localized search.

5. Open Path Psychotherapy Collective

Open Path Psychotherapy Collective is a leading non-profit organization helping bring mental health therapy to those who most need it. Services cost between $40 and $70. More so, they only charge $35 for people who want to use a student intern, and you can purchase a lifetime membership for only $65. Whether you're insured or not, you can receive services.

6. Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapists (ABCT)

Next on our list is the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapists. Mental health specialists specialize in CBT, helping you to change your thinking patterns through cognitive behavior therapy and applied behavior analysis.

7. American Psychological Association (APA)

The American Psychological Association is not just an association but also a directory. You can search for psychology professionals by inputting your zip code, city, or state. Alternatively, you can search using a name or an area of specialization.

8. Good Therapy

Good Therapy is an organization that provides access to psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and mental health counselors. You can view a professional's "verified" status, find out if they offer telehealth services, see if they are licensed, and their credentials.

The platforms in this directory give you access to thousands of well-matched therapists, and if those are not a good fit, you can view even more mental health resources. Mental health challenges can disrupt your personal life as an entrepreneur, which will impact your business—but it doesn't have to.

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