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Pitch Season: 4 Ways You Can Show Up For Black And Brown Women Entrepreneurs

Black and Brown women entrepreneurs are making strides in their industries with their startups. They're starting to get recognized for their hard work. They have incredible talent, innovation, leadership skills, and creativity that deserve recognition. When you support Black and Brown women entrepreneurs, you're supporting the future of our economy.

In our quest to create a more inclusive and diverse startup ecosystem, we developed our signature Black Girl Ventures Pitch Competition. This is where some of the best Black and Brown startups compete for major cash and non-monetary prizes. Join us in the movement. Here are 4 Ways You Can Show Up For Black And Brown Women Entrepreneurs this fall season.

1. Come out to watch them pitch.

We're hosting a series of pitch competitions across the United States, where we're giving away $10,000 and more! You can watch the pitches live on our platform, Raisify or YouTube, or you can attend in person to cheer on your favorite founder and hear their stories. It's a great way to support these founders and learn more about what they're up to.

2. Share their pitches with your network.

The pitch competition tour is an opportunity for us to bring together a diverse group of founders from across the country and celebrate them for who they are and what they do! We want you to invite all of your friends, family members, and colleagues in your network to see these amazing founders' pitches. We want them to be as inspired by these stories as we are!

3. Vote with your dollars.

Your dollars decide the winner. Each dollar amount helps minority entrepreneurs reach the next step in their businesses. Past winners have used their pitch winnings for marketing, product development, hiring staff, and getting through payroll.

4. Network with talented and like-minded people.

Network with other small businesses, influencers, and local businesses you can do business with. It's a great way to develop collaborations and possibly discover new customers. Networking also allows you to provide and receive support from other minority entrepreneurs experiencing the same challenges and successes. It's community or nothing.

There are endless opportunities to invest and support these founders' ideas and innovation, especially when these women are often told that they have no place in the startup ecosystem and aren't executable. We want to prove those assertions wrong through the BGV Pitch Competition Tour by giving them exactly what they need to make the next leap: exposure, funding, and mentoring.

Subscribe to the Digital Orange Juice for juicy ideas and the people who fund them. You can find out about our next pitch competitions here. Also, be sure to join our new community BGV Connect!

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