Looking Ahead Towards The Future: What's In Store For BGV

Twenty-twenty tested Black-owned businesses. An economic recession caused many companies to do their best to remain afloat and even fight for their survival. Many Black businesses were unsure what the future would be like for them with the high levels of uncertainty. You bore witness to a diverse and expansive year filled with change, struggle, growth, and triumph. The theme of 2020 was a time of healing, learning from mistakes, and evolving.

Looking ahead to the future, we now have the opportunity to learn from our past and begin to grow. Black Girl Ventures has committed to exponential growth to continue to serve Black and Brown women founders. BGV pledges to accelerate 100,000 Black and Brown women-identifying entrepreneurs––starting with our signature pitch competitions.

The BGV Tea

Pitch season is right around the corner. Here is the BGV 2021 Pitch Competition Schedule: