Ehime The Founder of SweetKiwi: Every Founder Needs To Have Tenacity

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

For some entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is something they stumble into, often out of a deep desire to solve problems. But, not a lot of entrepreneurs make it through the long-haul. Because of the unpredictable obstacles and sometimes small wins, you need to have the long-game mentality, the dedication, and the grit to see what you desire the most come to life. However, one entrepreneur who never had entrepreneurship as a goal post held on long enough to witness the incredible rewards.

Ehime Eigbe had a health scare that forced her to change her diet. However, there was one treat she had a difficult time eliminating. Ehi loves ice cream but knew if she continued to consume it, it would negatively impact her health. So she researched alternatives but noticed that the frozen yogurts weren't very healthy. That led her to create an ice cream that was genuinely healthy that everyone could indulge in. Ehi wanted to create something unforgettable that gave ice cream lovers an unforgettable experience. An ice cream treat that was good for you and had positive added benefits.

Ehi is originally from Nigeria, but she also spent time in London and moved to America for her job. It was then she began to create different recipes. Ehi would bring samples to work, and her coworkers loved them and were willing to pay for them. This is how Sweetkiwi was born. While living in Texas, Ehi considered opening a brick and mortar but decided to go on vacation in Nigeria instead. That's where she saw a significant gap in the Nigerian market for a dessert like hers, whereas Am