How The BLM Movement Led To An Increase In Sales For One Founder

Can you imagine having a choking incident, and instead of reacting properly, your attempt to save the life of someone who's choking results in actually causing their death? It sounds a lot like the plotline of House (the television show). While that might be an extreme case, it does bring up an interesting point—that if we don't have proper training, we are unprepared in an emergency.

In 2002, Felicia Jackson's son was sitting in the car's back seat when he started to choke on an object. As a trained medical professional, Felicia had all the training needed to perform CPR; however, she froze. Thankfully, her husband was there and was able to administer CPR. Felicia thought if an experienced medical professional such as herself can freeze in an emergency like that, what about non-medically trained individuals?

The CPR Wrap