Celebrating The Black Resistance: Black August & Freedom Fighters

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

People gather for the funeral of George Jackson in Oakland, California, in 1971. Courtesy of CNN

The prison industrial complex is known to collect Black bodies as if they were collectibles that you place on a fireplace mantel. The mass incarceration of Black people, the oppression and militarized police brutality, and the bluntness of discrimination and white supremacy only intensified the Black Lives Matter movement. Simultaneously, with the Civil Rights movement and the Black Panther Party movement, Black women were disappointed with the gap between the movements and feminism. Therefore, we honor Black August as a moment to study history in a time of collective grief and collective rage and rebellion.

During the wake of the Black Panther movement in the late 60s to the early 80s, there were radical freedom fighters who exchanged their freedom for the liberation of Black people. Most of these outspoken freedom fighters found themselves arrested and charged for crimes they didn’t commit or petty crimes that were used against them to silence their voices. They ultimately became political prisoners of the United States of America.