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BGV Connect Member Aisha McCain: It's The Sisterhood For Me

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Aisha McCain, Founder of Casual Recovery

BGV Connect Member Aisha McCain | Black Girl Ventures

We chatted with Aisha McCain, inventor and CEO & Founder of Casual Recovery. Casual Recovery invented a garment for post-surgical drains, also known as drain care wear. These garments are specifically designed for patients that have to have Jackson Pratt drains after surgery. This incredible invention is medically reimbursable and registered with the FDA.

Casual Recovery has a utility patent with eight patents pending for other medical devices. Additionally, Aisha is the creator of the Pediatric Young Superheroes. They use superheroes to show young patients that their battles make them strong and special. Specially created for pediatric patients, kids can choose their favorite superhero costumes that help them to embody the superhero spirit.

Aisha shared how the BGV Connect Incubator has been impactful for her business and personal life.

How did you learn about BGV?

I learned about Black Girl Ventures in a Clubhouse room. A woman from Clubhouse invited me to coworking, so I clicked the link to this Zoom, and I'm like looking at 20 beautiful women, Latinx, Black, just women of color. I introduced myself, and I told them my story, and I felt immediately just like embraced. And I just loved it. These are just brilliant women from all over the country that I have made many friends with within different industries. And they're just amazing.

Why did you join, and what was the deciding factor to remain an active member?

I decided to become an active member after coworking. It was just the best feeling ever, especially during a pandemic, to find this circle of entrepreneur women of color. With the pandemic in mind, because I'm immunocompromised and a cancer survivor, I had to be really cautious. So, I was kinda lonely. And so, to find a circle of women that I can meet with every Wednesday, exchange ideas, gain knowledge from talking about my growing pains in my business, what am I going through, and get advice was just amazing to me. It was the nourishment that my business, mind, and spirit needed and the circle of women that I needed.

What events have you attended so far, and what has your experience been like? What keeps you coming back to the community?

I also got a pitch practice, which is right after coworking. Like an hour or two after coworking, we have pitch practice. In pitch practice, I was able to come work on my pitch, work on my pitch deck, get valuable information and really gain confidence so that when I walk in a room and represent my company, I feel like I belong. And I know the right things to say to these kinds of people.

I've also attended pitch competitions to watch other women pitch. And it's amazing. Like they've done pitch competitions with Nike and the WNBA, all kinds of beautiful things. PayPal comes to our pitch, and I've seen women of color walk away with a $10,000 prize for their business. Black Girl Ventures is a nonprofit, so they do a lot to help and empower female entrepreneurs of color.

I've taken some classes where I have learned so much about finances, and sometimes they'll have guest speakers like from PayPal or Visa come. It's amazing to be in the room with these people on a Zoom and learn knowledge from them.

What have you gotten from being a part of this community? Please include how this has impacted you individually and your business.

I have gotten support, resources, education, and confidence from being a part of this community. I've gained friendships. I have gotten just a team of women on the same path I am on entrepreneurship. It's just so hard to articulate the support that I needed, the nourishment, and the friendship.

The friendships I have been able to make with the women of Black Girl Ventures, the support, the network have personally helped me, especially during this pandemic. I look forward to Wednesdays. It's my favorite day of the week because we co-work and it's awesome.

I shared something that I was going through with the women in coworking a couple of weeks ago. And I got this cute little bear in the mail yesterday, and I just like, it was something I needed, you know, like the support isn't just said it's real, it's felt you can reach out and touch it. And for my business, I have found so many resources and places to find mentors or things that I needed.

There's an app called Mighty Networks, like the dopest app. It's so cool, it's the Black Girl Ventures Connect app. You can scroll through, and they're just constantly posting resources, grants, opportunities, and accelerator programs. There is so much in that app.

What would you say to those who are thinking about joining BGV Connect?

I encourage any woman of color who is trying to start a business—has started a business or wants to start one to join. Or maybe an artist or a hairdresser who wants to monetize their talent to join Black Girl Ventures because you will get the nourishment and sisterhood you need to go to the next level and beyond.

You know, people who are in sororities, I always thought that was super cool. They went to college, were in a sorority, and had a sisterhood. Black Girl Ventures is a CEOority for me. I have found the sisterhood and support I needed in Black Girl Ventures. It's the coolest thing ever.

What do you want the world to know about Black Girl Ventures?

I would want the world to know that a community exists where women of color come together, support, and encourage one another. That entrepreneurs have a space to get knowledge, resources, sisterhood, friendships, support, and love. That anyone can be a business owner with the proper support. I have gained confidence in myself and my business. As an adult, it's hard to meet new friends that share your interests. BGV is a support system for women entrepreneurs of color. I also want people to know it's not just Black women. It's any BIPOC woman.

In the end, BGV Connect Incubator is a place for Black and Brown entrepreneurs to connect and support one another. BGV Connect Incubator can provide you with resources and the confidence to start or grow your small business where you can also find collaborators. Most importantly, you'll receive encouragement from other women who can relate to the challenges you may face on your journey. You'll never have to do it alone.

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