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9 Tasks To Put Into A Virtual Assistant's Hands

You've already heard about the numerous benefits of outsourcing your business to a virtual assistant. You can now focus on what's most important: growing your business and improving your productivity. Given their expansive skillsets and limitless potential, they could practically do any tasks needed online and through a computer. There are many options for outsourcing your business tasks to a virtual assistant. Since hiring an online assistant is an investment, it pays to know what you need and how much you can outsource. Before you hire, here are 9 tasks to put into a virtual assistant's hands to ensure you're getting your money's worth.

1. Administrative Work

Admin tasks can be very repetitive, and you are better off doing something more meaningful. Simple tasks like checking your calendar and making reports are great for your VA. Doing so frees you to focus on more essential tasks like running and growing your business. It also helps that most VAs specialize in general administrative work alongside project management.

2. Creative Tasks

Creative tasks can be time-consuming. You can let your VA do this work for you, and they don't need any arts or design degree to get such tasks done. There are helpful tools like Canva and Adobe Spark that let them create all sorts of visual content, from small images to spice up your content to complex pieces like animated GIFs.

You can prepare a document containing the brand guideline, which the VA can follow in creating assets such as social media posts, and blogs and revamping images and text on your website. The owner can then check the draft before publishing.

3. Research

Finding even the smallest piece of information online is not easy, and it can take time and lots of effort if you need particular bits of info. Furthermore, it can quickly become a distraction when your search starts segueing to irrelevant topics, a deep rabbit hole into social media. If you need something researched, have your VA do the work instead so you can concentrate on the task that needs your attention the most.

4. Social Media Campaigns

A robust social media presence is vital for any business or organization in this modern age. However, managing your social media profiles and pages can quickly turn into an extended unproductive session as you fight temptations to check your feed and respond to notifications instead. As it is, managing your social media presence is yet another task that's great for your virtual assistant. They focus on what has to get done.

A virtual assistant can also do a competitor analysis of other brands' social media campaigns. They can monitor and run paid ads, use hashtags, create captions, etc., to help boost sales or generate more leads.

5. Email Management

Email may be an important tool for business correspondence, but checking your inbox can bog you down. Checking messages one by one and crafting the proper response can take some time, so have your VA work on it instead. Be sure to create an inbox separate from that you use for your personal communications. A virtual assistant can help a business owner distinguish which emails are urgent and create folders by different categories.

If there's anything to describe virtual assistants, it's that they are a godsend. They can help you get more things done as they take control of mundane, repetitive tasks and do work that you may not be able to accomplish on your own.

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