2 Powerful Elements Of Holistic Business Practices©: Simplify to Amplify for Sustainable Success

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Holistic Business Practices treat people and elements of businesses as a whole and not as separate entities. These practices benefit the well-being of individuals and result in long-term sustainable success for businesses. Create a holistic work environment by establishing boundaries and simplicity through objectives and goals.

Creating boundaries to ensure success is often overlooked but can lead to increased creativity and a surprise burst of ingenuity when defining limits you have not explored. Here is an abstract exercise that helps demonstrate the impact of boundaries when paired with simplicity. Lead with your fingertips or your elbows, then begin moving your body to see how the rest of your body naturally follows. You do not need to worry about moving fast or slow or even playing music. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Did you discover new or interesting ways you can move that you may not have explored without having any boundaries?

Contemplate, if you are choosing a finite amount of projects and initiatives for your startup. Then ask yourself, how far can you grow and in how many ways? Alternatively, if you want unlimited options for what your business will take on, then what is your capacity to fill that demand?

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