Priscilla Wesson Cozy N Cute Kids: Figure It Out, And Don't Ever Quit

Priscilla's daughters were the inspiration behind Cozy N Cute Kids. Her daughters were obsessed with fashion. They constantly change their outfits. However, media representations of the children modeling those clothes were mostly White with blond hair and blue eyes. Or if the children were Black, they were Bi-racial. Priscilla didn't see children that looked like her children in those media outlets.

She shared, "I have two brown daughters with kinky hair, and I want them to feel confident in their beauty and really identify their features as beautiful as opposed to what's on the television, and what they're constantly being reinforced with."

Because of this, she realized the importance of having a healthy sense of image. "I knew I wanted to do something with clothing and just really emphasize Black kids on my social media. They need to see themselves and feel beautiful and know that their skin, their hair, everything about them is beautiful."