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Philly Stood All The Way Up: Meet The Pitch Competition Winners

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Philly held nothing back in this pitch competition. There were several unique pitches and innovative ideas. We’re very proud of the women who applied, pitch, and won! Don’t get left out by missing the upcoming virtual pitch competitions. These women need your support! Head over to SheRaise to support your local Black and Brown women founders. These pitch competitions are necessary because they help these women continue to fund their businesses, provide services, and support their customer base. Please help us spread the word by sharing and voting at the next pitch competition. Congratulations to the winners!

Chantee Butler - 1st Place Winner

Chantee Butler is a Wharton MBA graduate who is a strategic thinker, inventor, and operator.

Nayko Naturals creates all-natural, handcrafted, preservative-free skincare products that get back to the basics. Their products are made of raw and organic ingredients that illuminate your beauty as they melt into your skin.

They represent a fresh perspective in the beauty industry and will not become susceptible to scaling their business to manipulate their product ingredients. By getting back to the basics, they can focus on effective and ethical ingredients that the skin deserves and desires.

Peach Brown - 2nd Place Winner

Peach Brown is the founder of the Sledge Scarves. Many women have a hard time protecting their hairstyles throughout the entire night. Most often, their scarves would gently fall off, and they would wake up with it either half on or completely off their heads, tucked in between the covers somewhere. Or they experience the opposite, where the scarves were too tight, straining the circulation around their heads, which had them waking up with mild headaches.

After several tests and prototypes, she developed a scarf that perfectly stays on your head the entire night But, even better, these scarves can hold a 15lb bowling ball and withstand 15lbs of pulling force, so yeah, that scarf isn't going anywhere at night! Scarves like these help women to protect their hair and aids in the prevention of hair loss. Peach says, "No matter how wild you sleep, every woman deserves to slay and stay slayed. Sleep beautifully, boo!"

Judith Dumorney-McDaniel - 3rd Place Winner

Judith Dumorney-McDaniel is the founder and brainchild of A Man’Cave-A (Pop Up) Spa for Men, LLC. She was inspired to launch this business venture due to her husband being an avid spa-goer and dispelling the myth that spas are solely for women. She is intentional about helping men prioritize their quality of life so that their health is not compromised.

Spa treatments aren't just for women anymore, and Judith is making sure of this. A Man'Cave is a pop-up space for men where Grooming and Kings meet. They combine health and wellness spa staffed with spa associates, who are intentionally positioned to encourage and redirect their clients to focus on their quality of life.

Their motto is your body is your temple. Therefore the decor will reflect a tranquil setting that encompasses aromatherapeutic essential oils, eco-friendly decor, adult beverages, warm candles, and theater-style seating for the speakers’ workshops. A Man’s Cave invites your inner King to experience Neo-Soul vibes in the City of Brotherly Love.

BGV thanks the sponsors, the judges, the supporters, and various members of our community for supporting these women in their pitch competition. Micro-funding is something that we all can be a part of. It's a powerful tool that helps founders maintain the momentum in their businesses.

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