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Meet The Winners of The Pull Up & Pitch Competition DC

Lia Lee - 1st Place Winner

Lia Lee is the Founder of UNLIT™, an all-natural, delicious vegan, hangover recovery beverage line that uses superfood ingredients to detox and restores your body. Born in Washington, D.C., Lia created UNLIT™ to rebalance the mind, body, and soul of busy individuals so they can keep up with life's demands.

Their four delicious beverages are blended with a 'bio-availability first approach to provide the boost you need to take on the next day and replace essential nutrients lost after exercise, late nights, and everything in between.

Nana Meriwether - 2nd Place Winner

Nana Meriwether is the Founder of Cale, a wellness company focused on alcohol alternatives, creating herbal wines. She uses her knowledge of herbalism to infuse fermented herbs and botanicals into the wines. The wines are organic, used with premium grapes locally sourced, and non-GMO with no artificial flavors.

Cale's first releases will be Herbal Wines, including Hibiscus Pinot Noir, an easy-drinking, light-bodied, dry, floral, low-alcoholic Herbal Wine with lingering notes of wildflowers and dark cherries.

April Shannon - 3rd Place Winner

April Shannon is the Founder of 2Score Fitness, a body positivity wellness company that encourages individuals of all shapes and sizes to get fit through full-body cardio dance classes. You can get your twerk on, on Saturday mornings, or join their Friday night phat camps. Check out their incredible merch here.

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