Meet The Winners Of The BGV x Manifestation Babe Pitch Competition

Rachel Topping - 1st Place Winner

Nappy Head Club

Fed up with the lack of representation of 4c hair Rachel Topping and her sister Rikki-Richelle founded The Nappy Head Club. They believe that mainstream media excludes women with thicker curls. They both went on a mission to explore their natural hairs and created The Nappy Head Club for any girl who's ever felt hair-shamed, pressure to alter or manipulate their curl patterns or want more representation.

Nappy Head Club is an E-Commerce fashion brand and online community that's merging activism with fashion. With a focus on trend-savvy, inclusive clothing, they use their designs and messages to create a rare opportunity to affirm Black identity through fashion. With features from platforms like Refinery 29, Ipsy, Honest Beauty, and R29 Unbothered, they've proven themselves to be a brand to watch in 2021!

In the words of the Nappy Head Club, "The revolution will not be texturized."