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Meet The Winners Of The BGV x Manifestation Babe Pitch Competition

Rachel Topping - 1st Place Winner

Fed up with the lack of representation of 4c hair Rachel Topping and her sister Rikki-Richelle founded The Nappy Head Club. They believe that mainstream media excludes women with thicker curls. They both went on a mission to explore their natural hairs and created The Nappy Head Club for any girl who's ever felt hair-shamed, pressure to alter or manipulate their curl patterns or want more representation.

Nappy Head Club is an E-Commerce fashion brand and online community that's merging activism with fashion. With a focus on trend-savvy, inclusive clothing, they use their designs and messages to create a rare opportunity to affirm Black identity through fashion. With features from platforms like Refinery 29, Ipsy, Honest Beauty, and R29 Unbothered, they've proven themselves to be a brand to watch in 2021!

In the words of the Nappy Head Club, "The revolution will not be texturized."

Olanikee Osibowale - 2nd Place Winner

Olanikee Osibowale is a spiritual woman who practices traditional African religion/spirituality. Her products' essential ingredients are herbs. She believes that the herbs are spiritual and guide the energy to heal various parts of a woman's body. Her work with Goddess Detox helps women remember their feminine divine energy (and power).

Goddess Detox is a multi-million dollar spiritual women's wellness company providing self-love-inspired products to help women reconnect and spiritually, physically, and emotionally detox. Their main products are vaginal and womb-focused. All Goddess Detox products incorporate the indigenous spiritual practices of incorporating the herbs as healing energy with the user's intention, allowing for physical, spiritual, and emotional renewal.

Goddess Detox strives to have its audience understand that everything has an energy and nudges its users in their instructions to use the power of speaking their words and intention over their Goddess Detox product before using it. Goddess Detox's two products are their Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls and their Queen's Vaginal Steaming Set.

Madelle Kangha - 3rd Place Winner

Madelle is the Founder of ELLEDAM Beauty, an innovative beauty store and brand. Madelle's journey with ELLEDAM Beauty started two years ago when she was pregnant and seeking natural hair and beauty solutions. Shopping for beauty products became such a hassle for her, with little or no information available.

She then learned about carrier oils, which became part of her routine, especially after her pregnancy when she suffered minor hair loss. In May of 2020, Madelle created a beauty brand and store that provides women of color with a curated range of natural solutions, hassle-free shopping through a customized website based on their specific needs and information. Welcome to ELLEDAM Beauty - where hair care and beauty meet innovation!

ELLEDAM Beauty is an innovative beauty store and brand. They transform your hair and beauty product experience through curated and customized range of natural solutions.

Jelece Morris - 3rd Place Winner

When best friends Suzanne Delica and Jelece Morris, of Haitian and Jamaican descent, connected in 2020, they saw an opportunity to liven up the kitchen. However, they wanted to create something rooted in unity during a time of turmoil in the U.S and overseas. What better way to help heal the soul than through the comfort of food. Together, they bring the traditional and nostalgic essence of Caribbean flavors to the world—with a modern twist.

BoCa Flavor livens up your kitchen through a fusion of bold Caribbean flavors. Each blend is crafted with the nostalgic essence of the islands and the authentic ingredients they are known for. BoCa Flavor was born out of the quest to share Bold Caribbean flavors with the world.

Let's congratulate these women on winning the BGV x Manifestation Babe competition!

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