Meet The Winners Of The BGV x Kim Crawford Pitch Competition

Paris Rollins - 1st Place Winner

Paris Rollins is the founder of Picky Eaterz. Picky Eaterz is an initiative that aims to enrich the lives of kids with fun and healthy meals of kids favorite meals. They provide high-quality kid's meals packed with nutrients and antioxidants but made delicious enough for kids to enjoy. They're committed to helping kids develop good eating habits, and they want every child, especially those who struggle with pickiness, to discover the joy of eating a healthy meal. Their mission is to give children fun, nutritious snacks and lunches, promoting lifelong healthy habits.

But, not only that, they take the worry out of kids' meal planning for parents and offer an alternative to store-bought, less healthy options. They also cater to child care centers, schools, and camps. Ditch the fast-food options and let Picky Eaterz create meals for your family during busy weeks.

Veronica Woodruff - 2nd Place Winner