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Meet The Winners Of The BGV Miami Pitch Competition

Sherronda Daye - 1st Place Winner

Sherronda Daye is the founder of Sweet Jalane's, The Sweet Exchange Miami, and Defense Tea. She's a Miami-based culinary professional, baking and serving sweetness in and out of the kitchen. Now a full-time entrepreneur, Daye launched her dessert business in 2010 after stepping out on faith. She's the founder of Sherronda quickly became known as one of Miami's "go-to pastry chefs."

Defense Tea is a line of all-natural immunity tea blends, was started in 2020 as a response to COVID19. Each of the unique tea flavors is locally sourced and hand-brewed and crafted to provide an eclectic combination of immunity-boosting herbs, minerals, and antioxidants.

Through Sweet Jalane's, The Sweet Exchange Miami, and Defense Tea, Sherronda Daye has found nothing that brings people together like good drinks and great food. "With all three brands, my team and I have broken the mold of standard sweet treats and the way the community congregates," says Daye.

Sherronda isn't stopping there, her book, Bake Through It, is set to release late spring or summer of 2021, and it promises to be another sweet exchange between her and the community she serves.

Analise Harris - 2nd Place Winner

Analise Harris is the founder of Curls on the Block. During her work as an educator, Analise realized that girls of color often received extreme punishments, experiencing lower self-esteem and essentially not having good self-care starting as early as elementary school. More often than not, those issues were linked to their hair, not taking off a hoodie or bandana, being teased for a bad hair day, and asking for basic supplies such as hair ties or hair gel.

Analise started offering safe spaces for girls to explore beauty and hair care needs to address the glaring issues, eventually creating the standards-based curriculum—which morphed into Curls on the Block. It's an enrichment program for girls of all curls and colors to embrace, explore and empower their natural selves while increasing engagement, investment, and commitment to careers in science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM).

Tanya Taylor - 3rd Place Winner

Tanya Taylor is the Co-Founder of Freelance For Law. Freelance For Law is a legal marketplace that gives law firms access to a nationwide pool of legal talent, on-demand. Lawyers can post a project today and get the support they need to grow their law practice by hiring freelance associates and paralegals. While on the flipside, freelancers can easily find gigs to supplement their income.

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