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Meet The Winners: Medallia x Pillsbury Law Pitch Competition

Stephanie Smith - 1st Place Winner

Stephanie Smith is the Founder of SiMMY. SiMMY is a digital ads simulator designed to teach businesses how to manage digital ads and allows users to practice managing those ads with simulations without risking real money. Stephanie noticed small businesses owners losing thousands of dollars in ad spending without any serious ROI. SiMMY has 1000+ users on a waiting list to use the platform.

Stephanie has over 11 years of media buying experience in digital advertising. This Georgia Tech grad has managed over $100 million throughout her career working with everyone from Fortune 500 brands to startup companies. Stephanie has a passion for paying it forward by teaching other entrepreneurs and business owners how to manage their own ads correctly. She teaches classes and hosts workshops at notable institutions, startup accelerators and conferences.

Monica Higgins - 2nd Place Winner

Monica Higgins is the Founder of Garagify. Garagify’s software is the TurboTax of zoning laws. Growing up, Monica helped her parents manage and renovate distressed income properties. She also witnessed her mother get ripped off big time by a shady contractor...something no homeowner should ever have to experience. That horrific ordeal inspired her to become a construction manager and write “Remodel Success” an international bestseller.

Their mission is to help families build wealth. A meaningful boost in their household income helps reduce their housing cost burden (many are paying more than a third of their income for housing), so they can relieve financial stress and improve their finances by increasing their savings, paying down debt, and investing for their futures.

Mukami Kinoti Kimotho - 3rd Place Winner

Mukami Kinoti Kimotho is the founder of Royelles. Mukami has a computer science background and 25 years of experience in diversity and inclusion and communications. Royelles is the first ever leadership and STEAM-focused mobile app for girls dedicated to making learning inspirational, educational and fun for 6-12 year old girls. Mukami believes that all girls deserve to be bold, fearless, undaunted architects of their destinies.

Through their interaction with Royelles they will become the next generation of leaders in STEAM. Powered by AR, AI, Voice Tech, their learning adventures are anchored in inclusive narratives, fierce female avatar personas and real-life super(s)heroes. Royelle’s mission is to dismantle the global identity/mental health crisis disproportionately impacting girls, while empowering them to be the trailblazers, ceiling smashers and disruptors they were created to be.

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