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Meet the 2024 Winners of the Austin Pitch Competition

Lamanda Ballard - 1st Place Winner

Lamanda Ballard's story is all too common: years of misdiagnoses in a healthcare system that often fails women of color. FloEver Health, born from this experience, empowers women to take charge.

Their solution is simple: a discreet at-home hormonal test kit with precise results delivered to your phone. The process is straightforward and reliable. Users order a testing kit, follow the instructions to collect and send samples, and receive accurate results on their phone. But FloEver Health goes further. They create personalized care plans and connect you with culturally sensitive telemedicine providers for seamless video consultations.

Twenty million US women, just like you, battle hormonal imbalances. FloEver Health, with its innovative solutions, aims to reach 5 million of these women, offering them the tools to reclaim their well-being. Imagine a future where every woman, including you, has access and respect. FloEver Health is making it happen, and you can be a part of this transformative journey.

With $115,000 secured, they seek $300,000 more to fuel advanced AI, onboard experienced doctors, and prioritize data security. This investment will be crucial in enhancing their AI capabilities, expanding their team of medical practitioners, and ensuring robust data security measures. By year-end, FloEver Health will be ready to revolutionize women's healthcare.

The team at FloEver Health is not just dedicated, they are passionate about their mission. Led by CTO Telly Murray, who is building a secure platform, and guided by Dr. Sha Tassone, the surgeon who finally diagnosed Ballard, they are committed to revolutionizing women's healthcare. Their passion and expertise inspire confidence in the future of FloEver Health.

FloEver Health is a movement. Join them and rewrite the narrative for women's health. 

Lynn Callaway - 2nd Place Winner

Years of digestive struggles led Lynn Callaway to prebiotics, ultimately inspiring Good Dirt: a sparkling prebiotic soda packed with 10 grams of gut-loving fiber per can. This unique beverage is naturally sweetened and low-calorie, offering health-conscious consumers a guilt-free indulgence that also promotes gut health. It's a delicious solution that sets us apart in the multi-billion dollar functional beverage market.

Farmers markets are buzzing, and major retailers are interested - Good Dirt taps into the multi-billion dollar functional beverage market, offering a delicious solution for gut health. With our unique product and strategic marketing approach, we are well-positioned to capture a significant share of this market. To fuel a nationwide rollout, we seek $300,000 to expand operations, refine technology, and prepare for launch.

Lynn's not alone. Alongside her entrepreneur husband, they lead a passionate team ready to shake things up. Their experience and belief in Good Dirt's power make them unstoppable.

Good Dirt is more than a soda; it's a movement. Join them and raise a can (or two) for gut health and delicious wellness! 

Anita Akinyemi - 3rd Place Winner

Dismayed by fashion's environmental toll, Anita Akinyemi created Vinti Trunk, a sustainable clothing haven. Their unique pieces are sourced from thrifts and online markets, reducing the demand for new clothing and minimizing waste. By offering high-quality, vintage finds, they promote a circular economy and contribute to the reduction of fashion's carbon footprint. It's style with a conscience!

In just 3.5 years, Vinti Trunk has thrived, generating nearly $450,000 in revenue and fulfilling over 3,800 orders. They’ve built a passionate community of 9,000 eco-conscious individuals who appreciate our high-quality, vintage finds that minimize waste. Their success is not limited to online sales—they’ve been featured at notable events, gaining recognition and expanding our customer base. Vinti Trunk is ready to take the next step in its growth journey.

But unlike impersonal online platforms, Vinti Trunk prioritizes YOU. Their team helps you discover the perfect vintage treasure, fostering a sense of community and empowering conscious fashion choices.

Now, they aim to open a brick-and-mortar store in Austin, Texas, and they're seeking $250,000 to make this sustainable fashion haven a reality. This investment will be used to secure a prime location, renovate the space to reflect our brand values, and stock up on inventory to meet the demand of our growing customer base.

Join the movement! Vinti Trunk offers a transformative experience that's good for the planet and flatters your style. 

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