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Meet the 2022 Winners: The Los Angeles Pitch Competition

Aisha McCain - 1st Winner

Aisha McCain is a natural entrepreneur with the heart of a healer and the personality of a fighter. She is the founder of Casual Recovery. She created a garment with post-operative drain compartments along the garment's interior that are manufactured and provided to a user after a surgical procedure. This is a heartfelt collaboration of patients, doctors, caregivers, scientists, researchers, and artists. The Casual Recovery Drain Support Garments were created out of personal necessity.

Following their own surgeries, they felt frustrated by the existing drain-support options. They weren't secure, comfortable, or flexible enough to return to normal daily activities. Now, you can. Their patented pockets will hold your drains in place.

Aisha is a 3x cancer survivor, an accomplished inventor, and an innovator who holds multiple patents. To found Casual Recovery, she balanced work with her own healing throughout more than ten major surgeries while fighting cancer. Aisha underwent surgical drains while also helping to improve the lives of others. She brings bold new perspectives as both a patient and an inventor.

Evelyn LaChapelle - 2nd Place Winner

In 2013, Evelyn LaChapelle was convicted for her minor role in a cannabis distribution operation. She is now utilizing her position to advocate for restorative justice. Evelyn has built her own lifestyle brand, "87". She plans to promote this brand and industry forward by normalizing cannabis consumption first with luxury cannabis essentials, cannabis beverages, and soon cannabis delivery.

Bikira Radcliffe - 3rd Place Winner

Bikira Radcliffe is the founder of United Colors of Cancer, the first and only global organization committed to increasing the number of BIPOC cancer survivors. While beginning medical studies, Bikira was diagnosed with aggressive metastatic thyroid cancer. She was devastated when she discovered the lack of cultural and systemic support for under-represented cancer survivors.

Today, she is on a mission to remake and reshape the entire healthcare system as it relates to just and equitable cancer care. They aim to engage the whole cancer space in pursuit of better health outcomes and provide a central platform for all cancer organizations worldwide to connect and collaborate.

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