Leadership With A Conscience: Meet Our Newest Change Agent Fellows

Have you ever dreamt of changing the world? These new change agents have. Being a change agent is a pretty powerful title that leads to a lot of responsibility. The most effective agents of change can recognize the need for change and create a strategy for action. In many cases, a change agent implements the change they envision throughout a business, community, or another type of social group.

These change agent fellows were selected to join a community of changemakers committed to enacting real, lasting social change in their communities. They deal with more opposition, rejection, and challenges than the average person. Yet, a change agent has an unstoppable drive to connect and organize others for the most significant advantage of all those involved.

Meet the new Change Agent Fellows of Black Girl Ventures:


Renai Ellison serves as a Reconciliation and Leadership Coach, Consultant, & Facilitator. She is the Founder & CEO of