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Breaking the Grind: BGV's Omi Bell Champions Rest with Bold Sabbatical

Omi Bell, our passionate CEO and founder of Black Girl Ventures (BGV), a nonprofit empowering Black and Brown women entrepreneurs, has announced a three-month sabbatical with a heartfelt and inspiring message. We summarize the key takeaways from her announcement.

BGV's Impact and Omi's Vision

Omi highlights BGV's impressive achievements: funding over 400 women-owned businesses, impacting over 18,000 people, fostering businesses generating $10 million in revenue, and creating 3,000 jobs. She emphasizes her team's contribution and shares her vision for BGV - to inspire future generations to see entrepreneurship as a viable path. BGV aims to serve 100,000 women by 2030.

From Humble Beginnings to the Grind

Omi sheds light on BGV's grassroots beginnings, starting with a house event and coffee mug votes. She contrasts this with her current success, never thinking what started in that living room would lead to being featured on Nike billboards and receiving prestigious awards. This journey wasn't easy, and she acknowledges the sacrifices and hard work required.

The Importance of Self-Care and Breaking Before You Break

Despite the success, Omi is prioritizing her self-care. She admits to previously struggling with the concept of rest, equating it with laziness. However, she emphasizes the importance of “breaking before you break” and the necessity of “rest for restoration” and future success.

Leading by Example: Taking a Sabbatical

Bell thanks her team, partners, and supporters for contributing to BGV's journey. She highlights her team's success and assures the community that BGV will thrive in her absence. Omi sets a powerful example by taking a well-deserved break. She acknowledges her emotional attachment to BGV but emphasizes the importance of self-validation and having a strong team to carry on her vision.

The Unknown Journey Awaits

Omi isn't planning a typical sabbatical. She is following her intuition, and the first message she received was to go to Spain. She'll let the universe guide her, with Spain as the starting point. Omi's message is one of empowerment, encouraging founders to dream big, take breaks, and validate themselves.

Omi Bell's Call to Action:

  • Break before you break.

  • Rest is restoration.

  • Validate yourself.

  • Pursue your dreams.

You can follow Omi's journey on Instagram.

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