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BGV x NBA Pitch Competition Finalists: Meet the NextGen Students With Big Ideas

For eight weeks, 25 NextGen students from around the country have been preparing to pitch for an opportunity of a lifetime. These passionate and determined students came from diverse backgrounds and schools. But only 7 were chosen to represent their HBCUs and compete in the BGV x NBA partnership in the first-ever NextGen pitch competition. They will present their business concept for a chance to win capital.

The event is happening on June 17th at the Cleveland Metropolitan Conference Center. Here are the prizes, and there can only be three winners.

  • 1st prize is $10K

  • 2nd prize is $6K

  • 3rd prize is $2K

  • Plus, other non-monetary gifts to help elevate their businesses to the next level.

These 7 Student Visionaries and entrepreneurs are the top 2022 BGV's NextGen Program graduates.

Kenia Best, Founder of Your Very Own!
Bowie State University

Kenia Best is the Founder of Your Very Own! Your Very Own! It's a design-it-yourself skincare line that allows users to create their own everyday skin care products! Kenia states, "Because after all, who knows your skin better than you?"

Kennedy Dumas, Founder of Stationery Black
Edward Waters University

Kennedy Dumas is the Founder of Stationery Black LLC. She combined her love for stationery and school supplies to showcase people of color. Kennedy calls it "Notebooks for the culture."

She prides herself in handcrafted notebooks such as Girls we made it, Gone with the wind, and Black Youth. Kennedy has sold hundreds of notebooks nationwide. She says, "People can see themselves in my notebooks. That's what makes them special."

Stationery Black LLC also offers personalized notebooks for special occasions as they make the perfect gift.

Fogle, Founder of Day's Designs
Claflin University

Daa'iyah Fogle is the Founder of Day's Designs. Day's Design is a marketing agency committed to producing creative solutions that help businesses excel in today's digital world. They offer graphic design, branding, and photography services. Daa'iyah said, "I am able to infuse creativity, passion, efficiency, and personalization into every client and project."

Peter Iwuh Founder of Tykoon
Morgan State University

Peter Iwuh is the Founder of Tykoon. Tykoon is a Gen-Z-led digital marketing agency. Their motto is, "It's time to go social. We'll make it simple." Tykoon is a full-service entertainment & media company inclusive of artist development, live events, digital marketing, and content creation.

They have a diverse roster of talent via strategic marketing activations, management, publicity, touring, music distribution, and beyond. Tykoon hosts college and nightclub events as well as concerts and meet-and-greets. They've curated and marketed events in the D.C. and Baltimore market, hosting celebrity events at some of the most popular venues in the DC/MD area.

Malcolm Lee, Founder of Gabb Global
Virginia Union University

Malcolm Lee is the Founder of Gabb Global. Gabb Labs is a low-cost, immersive, virtual reality-based platform that provides a gateway between learning in the classroom and real-world language learning. They use the power of VR to improve the accessibility and effectiveness of immersive language learning experiences for ESL students.

As a result, they can participate fully in their schoolwork, integrate more seamlessly into social situations, and have an equal playing field for further educational, social, and economic opportunities. They aim to eliminate language barriers and create a more equitable world.

Daryl "DJ" Riley, Founder of Tendaji
North Carolina A&T University

Daryl "DJ" Riley is the Founder of Tendaji. Make things happen in Swahili, working to produce a solar-powered jacket. What started as a school project has turned into a full-blown solution for those that need to stay connected. Tendaji is currently in the prototyping phase.

Zipporah Sowell, Founder of Rooted Vybz, LLC
Tuskegee University

Zipporah Sowell is the Founder of Rooted Vybz, LLC. Rooted Vybz is a holistic health brand inspiring and educating people on how to implement plants into their self-care routine. They believe you can pursue your passions and positively maintain your health.

Rooted Vybz is not only a holistic health brand but a lifestyle. They encourage their community to stay rooted in their health, vision, and aspirations. When you are rooted, you have an unshakeable resilience to withstand challenging times. You can find herbal supplements like Motiv8 and The Vybz to support your mental well-being.

The starting point for the NextGen Program is a pure and ambitious idea, but it's one that already is bringing value to a larger community. The BGV x NBA Foundation partnership supports the growth of these NextGen participants. This Pitch Competition is designed to provide mentorship, community and an exciting opportunity for growth. We are excited to see all of them succeed in their entrepreneurial journey.

Be sure to RSVP to the pitch competition below.

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