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BGV Holiday Gift Guide: 27 Entrepreneurs that You Can Support this Season

It's that time of year again…'tis the season to shop! With a busy holiday schedule, you might be wondering where to shop for your gifts. Whether you're after an amazing gift for your work associate, a loved one, or maybe something sweet for yourself; be sure to check out Black Girl Venture's holiday gift guide as you're shopping this winter holiday season.


Infinite Hair Growth Beauty

Sarah Marshal is the founder of Infinite Hair Care. Infinite Hair Care was designed for women who care about what they put in and on their bodies. They create quality products that are made with natural and organic ingredients. They aim to let nature guide us to healthier and happier hair. Infinite has rapidly grown into a Global brand. They take pride in remaining the company you know and love.


Zanbria Asante is the founder of Swella Beauty, a seamless hair braiding experience. They promise to provide their customers luxury, convenient, and stress-free hair braiding experiences. Swella is dedicated to providing an experience as beautiful and protective as the style. With their modern and cashless system, booking and checkout occur on their website. Save your hair preferences for easy checkout for future appointments.

Janet & Jo

Kendra Woolridge is the founder of Janet & Jo. Janet & Jo is a luxury nail lacquer that is vegan, cruelty-free, and with vibrant colors. The nail lacquers are free of at least ten toxic ingredients found in nail products with proven linkages to cancer, congenital disabilities, reproductive issues, and allergens. Janet & Jo is mindful of the ingredients without compromising the quality or vibrancy of their nail lacquers.


Sade Baron

Rachel and Sade Baron are the founders of Sade Baron. They create high-quality vegan body products packed with nutrient-rich superfoods that are good for your skin and the planet. Skin's amazingly intricate layers and regenerative powers inspire every one of these products. They believe in the body's power to heal and correct itself. Sade Baron creates skinfood to repair, moisturize, and train your skin to look, feel, and be better.

Butter'd Bodycare

Britany Bygrave is the founder of Butter'd Bodycare, a feel-good beauty brand that offers simple, moisturizing skincare for melanated skin. Brittany didn't feel good or comfortable in her skin. She's dealt with acne, hyperpigmentation, and eczema. In searching for solutions, she noticed harmful ingredients. Butter'd Bodycare is on a mission to help you feel heard, safe and good with products made for you. Not only that, Butter'd Bodycare is donating 1% of All Fluff Body Cream to Black Women for Wellness.

Flora & Noor

Jordan Karim is the founder of Flora & Noor. Flora and Noor aim to provide inclusive luxury skincare with organic ingredients with halal, vegan, and cruelty-free products. Their products are consciously created to be clean and yield glowing and productive results.


Brown Sugar Cafe & Books

Raven White is the founder of Brown Sugar Cafe & Books. It's an Urban upscale bookstore that bridges the gap between culture and community by providing a diverse space to cultivate young minds via literacy, art, and community engagement. They also have Bookshop, an online bookstore with a mission to support local independent bookstores financially. Brown Sugar Cafe & Books has sold over 3,000 books and has onboarded over 100 indie authors.

Trading Races

Kenyatta Forbes is the founder of Trading Races. Trading Races is a card game that's part party game, part educational, and 100% thought-provoking. Their product line consists of their Trading Races starter deck, and they also offer expansion packs, The Chicago and The Stay Woke expansion.

Corage Dolls

Flora Ekpe-Idang is the founder of Corage Dolls LLC. Corage is a doll that helps Black and Brown children find representation on the shelves. The dolls are reflective of girls of color today who are doing extraordinary things.

Koality Kontent

Deslyn Adams is the founder of Koality Kontent. Koality Kontent creates high-quality collections of puzzles that provide mental stimulation coupled with environmental action. They use sustainable materials and eco-activist artists, and a percentage of sales is donated to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). They hope to spread awareness of the threats facing nature today and inspire others to act for tomorrow.


Ruby Sampson

Ruby Sampson is three generations deep, continued by the niece Ashley Powdar. Ruby Sampson is a fashion utility brand with storytelling prints and signature silk-lined head wraps. They design textiles, apparel, and hair accessories for the hair fragility market. They bridge the grooming gap for textured-hair women and build time equity so that you can devote energy to what matters. Ruby Sampson creates custom prints that allow them to minimize waste and carefully select high-grade silk and satin to the exact quantity. Their brand is equally made in the USA and Guyana, supporting our local economies with fair, ethical wages.


Erica Harding is the founder of Lizzmore. Lizzmore Womenswear launched to offer moisture-wicking treated fabric in the underarm area to help the professional woman stay sweat stain free. The unique fibers make their professional dresses functional so that you remain confident throughout your day. To expand their use of fabrics, Lizzmore currently offers a variety of styles and fibers in their clothing.

Joon Africa

Sarah June is the founder of Joon Africa, a brand that expresses its love for Africa through watch bands, sun dresses, accessories, and more. All of their products represent a diverse cultural experience with people who appreciate the African aesthetic yet require a modern approach representing the mobility of the African millennial. Joon Africa hand-selects the most talented creators from the African diaspora, who reside all over the globe, to share their appreciation with you—in the hopes that you will join in this endeavor to cultivate the ongoing demand for new inventions that reflect or improve the Afropolitan experience.

PerryCo Shoes, LLC

Brittney Perry is the founder of PerryCo Shoes. PerryCo Shoes were created to change the perception of the sneaker industry. At PerryCo, they pride themselves in being a unisex brand, breaking gender barriers while delivering high-quality, wearable versatility and style.

Food & Beverage


Auzerais Bellamy is the founder of The Blondery. Blondery's are made from scratch, with the highest quality ingredients they can find. They are a direct-to-consumer virtual bakery. Their distinctive collection of blondies includes four core flavors with rotating seasonal flavors that solve the essential question of what to give when you want a unique and delicious gift for yourself or others any time of year.

57 Chocolate

Priscilla Addison is the founder of 57 Chocolate. '57 Chocolate is the pioneer bean-to-bar chocolate company in Ghana. They've taken dried cocoa beans and processed them into luxurious chocolate and confections. Using their creativity, they make products that reflect and celebrate African art and culture.

J.I.V.E. Juice Company

Tamala Austin is the founder of J.I.V.E. a Juice Company. J.I.V.E. Juice is a healthy lifestyle company that makes juicing fun. Their juices can be customized according to your and your family's health. These juices are for you if you want to have cold pressed juice frequently and incorporate it into your lifestyle, whether you are a vegan, raw vegan, vegetarian, or a meat eater; including Juices in your lifestyle has amazing benefits.

Two Dough Girls

Traci & Kelly are sisters and the owners of Two Dough Girls. Their mission has always been to take some guilt out of guilty pleasures by providing more conscious consumers with delicious, handcrafted desserts made from the heart. We implement green practices and hope to influence more mindfulness in the incredibly wasteful food industry. They offer to ship their creative confections and corporate and event catering.

Health & Wellness

Lotus Flower Om

Symphony Lyricist is the founder of Lotus Flower Om. Lotus Flower Om is a clean skincare lifestyle brand that harnesses the power of essential oils and botanicals. These ingredients are rooted in the time-honored eastern tradition of holistic beauty to elevate the mood, nourish the skin, and nurture the soul of women (or men) with an active lifestyle and external stresses. They ensure every element of their formulas is anchored in holistic blends that support the overall well-being of your mind and skin without hurting plants or animals.

Honeydew Holistics

Alicia Hudson is the founder of Honeydew Holistics. They provide plant-based feminine care products and womb wellness services. You'll find specialty teas, yoni steams, and nutritional health coaching.

The Mossy Mob

Miracle Allums is the founder of The Mossy Mob. Purchase this delicious-tasting sea moss with species of red algae that provides the natural nutrients and minerals the body & skin requires to build a healthy body inside & out! Sea Moss contains 92 of the 102 minerals your body needs to thrive.

Home Goods

The Muted Home

Camilla Banks is the founder of The Muted Home. The Muted Home is a luxury home decor product meant to enhance and reimagine every area of your home. They are a family-run and operated business specializing in bringing their customers unique handcrafted luxury home goods intended to inspire families to reimagine and rediscover their surroundings and create simple, subtle, and stated touches from their family to yours.

Good Vibes All Purpose Cleaner

Jimanne Wilkinson is the founder of Good Vibes All Purpose Cleaner. They offer non-toxic, plant-based cleaning products. They've sold 15,000 bottles since being in business for five years.

Belly Candle Co

Shena Bowers is the founder of Belly Candle Co. Belly Candles are handmade, hand-designed, and hand-poured with rhythm and love. Each Fragrance lights up your home with beautiful scent notes of vanilla, sage, merlot, raspberry, and many more.

Blow Candle Co.

Monique Parker-Murchison is the founder of Blow Candle Co. They are on a mission to support and uplift women. This was a grief hobby turned empowerment project. Blow is carrying on the legacy of our founder's late brother DaVaughn, whose lifelong duty was to help and encourage others.

We hope this guide has helped you as you plan holiday purchasing, but we also hope that it has inspired you to think about the gifts you choose to give (and receive). Choosing a unique and meaningful gift, whether a "no-name brand" or a fair trade, the organic handmade piece is always more rewarding. Take the time to think about the gift and the person you are giving it to. You might find that making that personal connection leads to some much-needed holiday cheer.

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