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BGV Connect Member Nikki: Be Surrounded By Women Who Get Things Done

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Having the right kind of people around you is a game-changer. Often, Black & Brown businesses lack the network they need to thrive. And when you're a solo entrepreneur, finding ways to remain motivated and accountable isn't always easy. But, we know networks and accountability are the seeds that sow. It's the premise behind BGV Connect, which creates opportunities for Black & Brown women to connect and stay inspired.

Nikki is a visual creator. Her passion for design and a "cute" aesthetic drives her ability to create. While this has been a lifelong journey, she began visually creating when she had a financial coaching business and designed her graphics for Instagram. She specializes in creating stunning graphics for social media and editing vlogs and travel videos. Nikki was introduced to Black Girl Ventures when she completed her accelerator program, and Shelly was one of the judges. A friend recommended that she attend the co-working session.

Accountability Is A Game Changer

When you join a BGV co-working session, there are two questions you must answer. They are, "What are you working on today," and "How can we support you?" Nikki believes accountability partners are crucial for both personal and business growth. This organic energy in BGV Connect fuels the participants because although there's a little bit of fun and play, the women in these sessions are focused and working on their businesses. The best part of this experience for Nikki is feeling very productive after a co-working session.

Nikki says, "Everyone gets their turn." The group provides knowledge and resources while also providing feedback. She says she's happy to pay for the benefits of the BGV Connect. Nikki believes when people financially invest in themselves and make financial commitments, they are more likely to show up and follow through. This equates to being around other women who are seriously committed to their businesses. She loves being able to share her expertise with the other members on their projects and provide the support they need to elevate their businesses.

Sisterhood & Support From Black & Brown Women

The other two elements that are critical for her are the sisterhood and the conversations that she continues to develop and have with the other members. "Being able to be yourself, come as you are in this space, it feels very homey." BGV prides itself in an inclusive environment where safety and inclusion is our number one priority.

"Black Girl Ventures is unique, and you're not going to get that from everyone else." Nikki Lawrence

When asked what she wants the world to know about Black Girl Ventures, Nikki says, "We are the bomb, and unstoppable, we're human, multiple facets, we're not all the same. We're going to get it done. We've been doing this since the beginning of time. For anyone who's thinking about joining, I recommend joining because the benefits are dope, especially for folks who have never been in an environment where Black and Brown women are excelling. She says, "It's unique, and you're not going to get that from everyone else."

In a world that doesn't always give credit to Black and Brown women, in a world where Black and Brown women have to work twice as hard to prove their worth, being connected to a space that reaffirms your identity, your strengths and supports your goals is a matter of self-preservation.

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