BGV Connect Member Nikki: Be Surrounded By Women Who Get Things Done

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Having the right kind of people around you is a game-changer. Often, Black & Brown businesses lack the network they need to thrive. And when you're a solo entrepreneur, finding ways to remain motivated and accountable isn't always easy. But, we know networks and accountability are the seeds that sow. It's the premise behind BGV Connect, which creates opportunities for Black & Brown women to connect and stay inspired.

Nikki is a visual creator. Her passion for design and a "cute" aesthetic drives her ability to create. While this has been a lifelong journey, she began visually creating when she had a financial coaching business and designed her graphics for Instagram. She specializes in creating stunning graphics for social media and editing vlogs and travel videos. Nikki was introduced to Black Girl Ventures when she completed her accelerator program, and Shelly was one of the judges. A friend recommended that she attend the co-working session.