Bags To Butterflies: Giving A New Start To Formerly Incarcerated Women

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

It could happen to anyone. A wrong decision in a moment of panic can send anyone down the wrong path. Michelle's best friend's daughter committed a crime. She watched her develop. It's an unpredictable and unfortunate situation. But now her best friend's daughter is facing 7-15 years in prison for making a wrong decision.

Incarcerated individuals tend to leave someone behind. Which means most people on the outside have some form of experience with incarceration. But most people don't talk about it. Yet, the more Michelle spoke up about the issue, the more people connected to her story.

The Birth Of Bags To Butterflies

Her best friend's daughter's incarceration became the catalyst for Bags To Butterflies. She knows one day, her best friend's daughter is coming home. With that thought in mind, she wants incarcerated women to have connection and purpose upon their release. She is on a mission to em