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7 Little Ways To Bring the Holiday Season to Your Business

Is creating a holiday environment at the office top of mind, such as setting a holiday tone and celebrating the end of the year? The answer to both questions is yes. Recognizing the holiday season and adopting its warm, sparkly, and colorful tone is inviting to many customers. What many business owners don’t realize, however, is the proper steps in bringing this special holiday feeling to their startups. We’ve highlighted 7 little ways to bring the holiday season to your business:

1. Prepare in advance.

John Wooden says, “When an opportunity comes, it’s too late to prepare.” Business owners can take a lesson from this to plan their business activities long before the holiday bells start ringing.

An instance of timely preparation is this; a business understands that it will have minimal activities during the holidays, and so it creates complementary work shifts for its employees. The approach will help ensure that the business keeps running while also allowing employees to relax and join in the holiday celebration.

2. Breaks help maintain work-life balance.

Unlike machines, humans cannot operate for long periods nonstop. This is precisely why companies need to take breaks seriously. Many businesses worldwide own high-tech manufacturing and production facilities where they employ process automation, reducing the need for a human presence. Nevertheless, humans cannot be replaced totally. There will always be a need for a worker or supervisor to check an automated machine or its outputs periodically.

Taking work breaks helps to maintain a work-life balance. The breaks also serve both employees and employers. It allows them to catch their breath—for example, take that much-needed lunch break. Furthermore, longer breaks such as work leaves and public holidays enable team members to focus on other things outside work.

To allocate sufficient time off for your staff, consider whether your business is more active during the holidays. Next, place parameters around how much and how long. If you do this right, you will naturally offer your employees their annual leaves or breaks ahead of the holidays—if your business is more active during this period. Alternatively, if your company is less active or closed during the holiday season, schedule work breaks for such periods.

3. Leave all work at the office.

There’s still so much pressure to deliver consistent, quality products or services. Employees in holiday-focused companies with seasonal products and services might want to beat the stress instead of working overtime.

They might take shorter lunch breaks, and if there’s still a lot of work left, forfeit a holiday-season leave or even take work home. This can push employees to burn out. NYC Office Suites also mentions that it can impact one’s sleep quality and trigger “resentment, depression, and apathy in the workplace.”

Even worse, asking employees to complete their work at their homes keeps them from enjoying the holidays with their families or friends. This could be devastating for the individual and the people around them. Employees can prevent this by leaving their work where it belongs—in the office.

4. Focus on building relationships.

The festive season promotes love, care, and gift-giving. Build relationships with this in mind so you can focus on getting to know your colleagues or any new staff on your team. Some ideas include communicating regularly, decorating your space (you never know who it would attract), and even bringing in treats for them.

5. Offer discounts, special sales, and surprise gifts to customers.

Holiday season specials come in all shapes and sizes. This could be something sweet, for example, chocolate, as a gift. You could also offer discounts and special sales to reward existing customers and attract new leads.

Brilliant ideas for a sales promotion include offering free shipping or home delivery, organizing a giveaway event, etc. These activities will positively engage your customers and help build an attachment to your business or brand.

6. Add a holiday season flair.

Consider following holiday themes like setting up lights and bells or adding other festive decorations in the office. You can also wear a red bow or a hat to signify the holiday spirit.

Furthermore, you could encourage your staff to let their hair down or dress down in relaxed wear while at work. It’s a good way to keep your employees relaxed and tuned to the holiday season.

7. Throw a holiday party for your employees.

Songs mark the holiday season and parties. This means that you can organize a holiday party for your employees. Where funds allow, you can give your team VIP treatment by having the party at a snazzy hotel. Whatever your idea of a party is, gather employee input and encourage them to participate in the planning process.

Everything above will help you prepare for cheerful customers and employees during the holiday season. Offer special sales, plan, and celebrate your employees. We hope these ideas bring more joy to you and your staff this holiday season.

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