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7 Businesses To Check Out During Pride Month

Photo by BETZY AROSEMENA on Unsplash

The phrase vote with your wallet is crucial in supporting marginalized communities. During pride month, every other business tries to make a quick buck with rainbow-colored campaigns. But, this money doesn't always end up in the hands of LGBTQIA-owned businesses. The best way to participate in Pride Month is to circulate those dollars into queer-owned businesses. In the U.S., there are more than one million queer-owned businesses. We have rounded up a few unique companies and individuals you can support during and after Pride.

Fashion and Beauty

1. Pyramid Seven

Pyramid Seven, founded by Zipporah Jarmon, is a Chicago-based brand that creates and sells boxer briefs that support the menstruation period. Noticing that traditional boxer briefs didn't accommodate sanitary products, Pyramid Seven took action. They made a name for themselves as one of the thirty most innovative products in 2017. These briefs enable anyone along the gender spectrum that menstruates to wear menstrual products within the boxer briefs without fear of discomfort or leakages. Their briefs come in unique colors. Purchase one for yourself, your partner, or a friend.

2. We Are Fluide

The LGBQTIA+ community is often under-represented in many sectors, including beauty. We Are Fluide, a business founded by Dev Doee, Laura Krabe, and Isabella Giancarlo, sells vegan-cruelty-free inclusive makeup and nail polish. In addition to selling products promoting freedom of expression, 10% of all sales go to the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund. They focus on promoting wellness and clearly don't leave the glitter behind. Don't forget to add their collection to your beauty routine.

3. Nicole Zizi

As we campaign to implement net-zero manufacturing processes, brands are already implementing sustainable policies. Nicole Zizi creates premium, ethically sourced streetwear from recycled materials. Aside from that, they ensure employees are well-compensated.

Their line of products speaks to the consumer who not only cares about looking good but also about the environmental impact of every purchasing decision. Be a part of the change we need. Buy from Nicole Zizi.

Health & Wellness

4. Xula

"Being queer means being true to your highest self," said Mennlay Golokeh, Co-founder of Xula. She believes that being part of the LGBTQIA+ is one of the most remarkable ways human beings get to reconnect to indigenous roots. It's an ancestral part of humanity.

Xula is a Latinx and Black queer-owned brand that fuses scientific ideologies and ancestral herbal knowledge to create hemp-based products used to relieve menstrual cramps, PMS, and other pains. This Mexico City-based business sources the highest quality organic hemp from Southern Oregon for its products. Their products are readily available in the U.S. markets. Buy their products here.

5. House Of Intuition

If you want to harness your full spiritual power and energy, the House of Intuition is the right place. Marlene Vargas and Alex Naranjo, an LGBTQIA+ couple, started this brand after their profound experience with magic.

The couple filed for bankruptcy during the 2007 financial crisis after losing their home and cars. In a bid to find answers, they decided to visit a medium. It was then that their lives changed, and their spiritual transformation began. They found emotional comfort and peace through the power of ritual practice, candle burning, and meditation.

The couple then decided to offer others the tools to grow so they could experience what they had spiritually. This is how the House of Intuition was born. The business sells ritual and manifesting items for different categories such as money & abundance, protection, cleansing, creativity, and even assistance during mercury retrograde.

Here's the best part, if you purchase anything during this pride month, 5% of all proceeds will be donated to 'The Trans Justice Funding Project.'


We can't talk about supporting the LGBQTIA+ community without mentioning individual artists. Some incredible queer-identified artists express themselves through music, art, and poetry.

6. Saeed Jones

Arias White is one language architect to keep on your radar. He is an expert in using repetition, lyric prose, and line breaks to write poetry that conveys narratives full of eroticism, grace, and rage. His pieces are simply refreshing to read. Find his collection here.

7. Jakk Fynn

Next on our list is the transmasculine Latinx singer Jakk Fynn. The artist, raised in a Christian background, is open about sharing the devastating experiences of being trans in a homophobic environment. The singer isn't afraid of expressing the challenges of masculinity and self-acceptance through tracks such as Heal and Fire. Support them by sharing their music and adding them to your playlist.

This is an ongoing effort that we all can contribute to. Supporting the right companies makes a difference. It's not only voting with your dollars but also sending a message. Focusing on marginalized business owners speaks volumes about one's values for inclusivity. It's you letting them know that they're accepted, that their hard work is appreciated, and most of all, that we are invested in their success.

Where you spend your money matters the most. Focusing on marginalized business owners speaks volumes about one's values for inclusivity. The above is a short sample list of the LGBQTIA+ businesses and individuals you can support.

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