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20 Queer Businesses To Support Beyond Pride Month

Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels

June is officially Pride Month. With it comes nationwide celebrations, parades, festivals, things we didn't know, and support for queer businesses like never before. But what happens after June? Once the rainbow disappears, it’s easy to forget about queer small businesses. Yet, the only thing better than understanding the importance of supporting queer businesses during pride is knowing you can support this way throughout the year! Here are 19 queer businesses you can support beyond pride month.

Wellness & Consulting

Laqwanda Roberts-Buckley, LMSW

Laqwanda is the founder & CEO, and Chief Editor of Healing Black Women, a safe space designed to encourage & promote all forms of wellness & healing for Black women. Roberts-Buckley leads a team of 17 contributors who engage the community through panel discussions, articles, social media, and annual conferences with the mission of healing Black women.

Laqwanda is a Licensed Master's Social Worker and Mental Health Clinician. She recently held the position of Director of Outreach for the National Office of Mental Health America. She serves on the Board of Directors for Recover Program Solutions of Virginia, Inc. and a former Board Member for NAMI Northern Virginia.

As a Black Queer woman and mental health provider, she understands the importance of inclusiveness and has extensive experience supporting individuals from diverse and underrepresented communities. She is the Host of the Minding Your Purpose Podcast and a Livestream Wellness Series.

Shaun Glaze

Shaun Glaze is the CCO Inclusive Data, LLC. With over 10 years of research experience, Glaze has a proven track record of helping people reach their target audience on the government and private-sector levels. Inclusive Data, LLC is a consulting firm that helps clients collect, analyze, and leverage data to reach the people they care about. They offer grant-writing, market research, and data services.

Most of their clients are entrepreneurs who face steeper barriers to running a successful business. They work with small and mid-size teams for public agencies, non-profits, and private clients. Check out their work with the Black Brilliance Research project.

Brittany Walker-Craig

Brittany Walker-Craig is the Founder of New Nation Goddess Consulting (NNG Consulting). Brittany is a Plant-Based Nutritionist, Biology Professor, and retired Chef who advocates for plant-based living. After reversing multiple health diagnoses and losing more than 80 pounds, she vowed to serve the Black community and educate individuals on achieving optimal health by breaking generational curses, bad habits, and traditional cultural beliefs.

Sonya Fox

Sonya Fox is the Founder of Vurde, a curated wellness platform that connects food, culture, and mindfulness. Vurde is her solution to what she considers a balance crisis in society. Sonya believes that, through food, we can find a healthier balance by connecting our minds, bodies, and spiritual wellnesses to what we eat. Vurde’s carefully curated meal subscription kit puts wellness at the forefront with crafted recipes, plant-based ingredients, mindful activities, and a curated music playlist. These essentials blend well, providing the ultimate holistic dining experience to lift both your spirit and your tastebuds.

Regina Rocke

Regina Rocke is the Founder of Wolf Medicine Magic. Through Ayurveda, yoga, and breathwork, Regina helps clients find healthy ways to navigate challenging emotions and experiences. Join their community and monthly offerings.

MoLove J. Simmons

MoLove is a life coach, motivational speaker, author, and entrepreneur. However, Simmons is best known as an artist of many kinds. As a graphic designer, she’s worked in several different fields, acquiring a variety of skills. Her creative abilities are limitless.

Keisha J. Reed

Keisha J. Reed is the Founder of Explore Maryland Cannabis (EMC). EMC is a group of cannabis advocates, patients, and industry members who got together to discuss the Maryland cannabis industry and some ways to make an impact.

They noticed there was a lack of quality education and outreach available to those new to the medical market and transparency around the laws and regulations that governed. Their mission is to build an ecosystem of informed cannabis members in Maryland through education and access overall to 23 counties including Baltimore City. Join the membership.


Bridget Jones

Bridget Jones is the Founder of Chisel Tech Lab. Chisel makes software that changes ecosystems. They’re the premier source of software development for startups and thought leaders around the world. They make apps and turn them into startups. Their philosophy is to fuel founders with high-performing technology that will serve as the lifeline of their brands.

Samiyyah Williams

Samiyyah Williams is the Founder of Divine Consultants, a tech & lifestyle consulting company helping startups and business owners reach the next level in their businesses with their strategic tech and admin concierge services. Book a free consultation to receive website and tech support as well as virtual assistant services.

Kelsey Davis

Kelsey Davis is the Founder and CEO of CLLCTVE, a portfolio platform connecting college creatives and brands. It’s also an opportunity for creators to collaborate on projects. People like to call them the LinkedIn for creators. All you have to do is add your bio, skills, interests, social media, links, and all of your content in a way that shows who you are and what you do.

Apparel & Accessories

Marli Washington

Marli Washington is the Founder of Gc2b. It’s a Black and trans-owned business that designs gender-affirming compression garments for trans bodies. Washington used his experience in product design and his background in textiles to provide accessible, comfortable, and safe binding options designed by trans people for trans people. Gc2b binders were the first garments designed and patented specifically for gender-affirming chest binding.

Outside of apparel, its team has supported other trans activists and gig workers throughout the pandemic by granting them access to audiences for various classes and paying each instructor.

Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson is the Founder of Jade & Fox Co., a luxury lifestyle brand that uses the science of nature to create solutions to everyday skincare conditions that deliver tangible results. Simple products that cater to sensitive skin types. She also has a variety of products that directly target hyperpigmentation. Jade & Fox creates a comprehensive experience by using original formulas and edible-grade ingredients.

Stoney Michellei Love

Stoney Michellei Love is the founder of Stuzo, a gender-free apparel company. The brand’s mission states, “We are inspired by love, people, and life.” They further express, “Whatever shape or form you choose to exist in, we celebrate that.” Stuzo is currently selling scented candles like this sweet and spicy Woman Up.

V. Miller

V. Miller is a self-taught jewelry artist, and social worker focused on centering Black people within the LGBTQIA+ community. Miller is the founder of Black Queer Magic, a shop that offers handmade jewelry and workshop facilitations to “aid in the adornment and reclamation of Black LGBTQ bodies.” What’s cool is you can shop for beautiful bracelets, statement rings, and crystal collars, and then sign up or host a jewelry design workshop featuring Miller, who uses art as therapy.

Skincare & Make-Up

Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson is the Founder of Jade & Fox Co., a luxury lifestyle brand that uses the science of nature to create solutions to everyday skincare conditions that deliver tangible results. Simple products that cater to sensitive skin types. She also has a variety of products that directly target hyperpigmentation. Jade & Fox creates a comprehensive experience by using original formulas and edible-grade ingredients.

Jaylo Roxx

Jaylo Roxx is among the Black transgender women to open a makeup company. Her line, BatMe Cosmetics, consists of vegan and cruelty-free products designed for everyday wear. A portion of every purchase is donated to the LGBT Center of Los Angeles.

Tracey Kennedy

Tracey Kennedy is a certified fine-dining chef who turned her skills in the kitchen to create California Country Organics Body Care. CCO is redefining what skincare is by using raw, organic, unrefined ingredients that have been formulated for everyday body care—and removing all the extra unwanted toxins and fillers.

California Country Organics believes no matter which journey you're on in life, redefine what society says is for you. Keep looking towards the sky and never let go of what you hold dear.

Travel & Leisure

Nubia Younge

Nubia Younge is the Founder of Black In Tulum. Black In Tulum (BIT) is the first and only community for Black & Brown travelers to come together and vibe in Mexico, where the jungle meets the sea. BIT has a growing number of 14k+ members. You can find resources, recommendations, exclusive events, and memorable experiences for melanated travelers in Tulum in the group.

Kat & Amber

Kat and Amber are the creators of the Wandering Soup. They are two Black Lesbian Expats who are wandering the world. Currently living in Mexico, these two have lived in Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Bali, and Vietnam. They write blogs on planning, packing, visas, home searches, and products they enjoy. Follow them on Youtube.


Hannah Oliver

Hannah Oliver is the Founder of Loyalty Bookstore. With two locations in the DMV area, Loyalty Bookstore is exercising precaution during the pandemic. The store works to diversify the publishing industry so that it can better serve queer communities of color. If you’re not able to visit the stores, then you can place an online order. They also have a calendar of events where you can attend authors' book releases.

Which queer business are you excited to support?

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