3 Strategies To Strengthen Communication for Digital Project Management During COVID-19

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has changed the way we work and interact with each other. Now that many more people are working and interacting virtually. It's forcing people to think more strategically about effective communication and information sharing both with team members and external audiences.

Even if you were already part of a remote team, think about how much content, events, and personal interactions are being shifted or enhanced through virtual communication due to COVID-19. Begin to think proactively about how you are sharing information and with whom. Prioritizing helps to navigate such a massive influx of virtual information and planning being shared, gathered, and experienced.

Here is a simple yet powerful digital project management strategy to help with navigating "the new normal" at work to enhance communication methods across the board. This results in communication becoming well-organized procedures, techniques, or processes that transfer information among stakeholders.

The three main types of communication methods are Interactive Communication, Push Communication, and Pull Communication. Belo