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15 Quotes by Powerful Latina Entrepreneurs and Leaders to Get You Motivated and Inspired in Business

Saskia Sorrosa is the founder of Fresh Bellies, a savory baby food line. (Credit: Pipeline Angels)

Latinas have contributed in countless ways to the American economy, culture, and society. And they are standing out as leaders within their own communities and across the nation. Latinas represent an influential and powerful group of women with increasing purchasing power, a strong work ethic, and the ability to educate themselves in a broad range of disciplines.

As the fastest-growing demographic, Latina women are well-positioned to enter the ranks of powerful leaders in America.

Here are 15 powerful quotes by Latina entrepreneurs to get you motivated and inspired in business.

  1. "It is our duty and responsibility to become the best person we are intended to be."—Luz Marie Caro

  2. "Starting a business is not the time to be humble. Be as bold, loud, and feisty as you can because you will need it to win."—Tami Garcia

  3. "We can choose to be a character in a story written out by someone else, or we can choose to be the author of our own story."—Ruby Garcia

  4. "Listen to feedback, be open to change, leverage your strengths, accept your limitations, be persistent and never lose sight of your vision."—Saskia Sorrosa

  5. "If you believe in yourself, everyone around you will too." —Claudia Soto Urrutia

  6. "Remember that you are creative beings and you can create your own terms, own business, own positions. Believe in yourself and find your tribe, a group of women that will inspire, empower and make you the best version of yourself. There are many of us out here standing with you!"—Carmen Perez

  7. "If the dream is there, work, save, and invest until it is your reality."—Ana Santos Vitel

  8. "When you come from people having zero expectations of who you could be, there's a fearlessness; you can only go up from there."—Jessica Alba

  9. "The best investment you can make is in yourself." —Paulina Lopez

  10. "You have to embrace – not fear – the challenges. Dream, be fearless, and follow through."—Rea Ann Silva

  11. "Have passion and pride to be dynamic, distinguished, and extraordinary."—Mirna Lopez Freitag

  12. "Do not fight this rhetoric with words but with actions."—Paty Funegra

  13. "The most wonderful thing about life is that you can always begin again. No matter what ups and downs you are handed in life today, you can always begin again tomorrow."—Raiza Mendoza

  14. "The crazy thing about success is that it's an ever-changing goal."—Renata Black

  15. "Activate the abilities you already have and achieve your mission." —Dr. Ingryd Lorenzana

The entrepreneurship journey is full of unexpected opportunities and often involves a leap of faith. It takes tenacity, dedication, and perseverance for women to stay the course in this arena and make their dreams a reality. We hope this collection of quotes will offer you a chance to reflect on your own resolve and reaffirm your commitment to reaching your goals.

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