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Purchase Hand Sanitizer From This Plant-Based Black Business

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

The world is at a global slowdown. Businesses are taking massive hits, especially small business owners. But even amid this emotional and uncertain time in everyone’s life, there are small ways that you can continue to support other businesses. As the world scrambles in search of essential items with hand-sanitizer and Lysol being at the top of most household lists, there’s one company BGV would like to highlight.

Did you know that the last company on Earth to have hand sanitizer is a BGV pitch competition participant? Chinonye Akunne has a family-owned business called ILERA Apothecary. The Akunne family handpicks raw materials sourced from Nigeria to provide plant-based skin products backed by science. Their products help people with dull, dry skin due to aging, eczema, and the environment who want to feel confident in their skin.

What makes ILERA different is the number of intimate customer-led conversations and focus groups that they have with the community. They’re relentless in creating not only products that feel good to the skin but products that get results. However, get yours quickly because they are selling out.

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