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Meet The Winners Of The Philly 2021 Pitch Competition

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

She'Neil Spence - 1st Place Winner

She'Neil Spence - 1st Place Winner | Black Girl Ventures

She'Neil Spence and Nicolette Graves are the Co-founders are the masterminds behind Base Butter. It's a leading skincare brand redefining the perception of beauty and altering the relationship between individuals and their skin. Base Butter is tackling skincare with "easy to understand products, simple to follow routines and expert information that can be easily applied."

Establishing a simple, clean skincare routine that works is becoming a major part of self-care. Their clean products help nourish, protect, to maintain healthy and happy skin. Base Butter's are dermatologically tested to activate your skin's rejuvenating powers, engineered by scientists, and powered by a community.

Their most popular product offering is their Radiate Face Jelly. Described as an aloe-vera-based, paraben-free moisturizer that promises to work with your skin's natural PH balance, boost elasticity, and even disinfect while also providing intense hydration without leaving behind the all-too-familiar "greasy" residue.

Nikisha Bailey - 2nd Place Winner

Nikisha Bailey - 2nd Place Winner | Black Girl Ventures

Nikisha Bailey and her business partner Matthew Namaste opened Win Win Coffee Bar. "With Win Win, we wanted to provide an open and judgment-free environment where people could share their art. A space to come together, network, brainstorm, create, or just talk over coffee, a beer, or a sandwich — a safe space and an opportunity for the community and creatives," shared Nikisha. Win Win Coffee Bar creates a safe space for singer-songwriters, producers, and poets navigating the complexities of owning their creations.

When the pandemic hit, they shifted to eCommerce and launched their Win Win Roast with a local minority-owned importer, roaster, and distributor, Bean2Bean. Partial proceeds of their sales go to community job training. Win Win — or "W/N W/N" for waste not, want not — is also about sustainability, Namaste explained. "The food is organically and locally grown. We don't use artificial ingredients. From the cocktails to the coffee to the food — everything is fresh."

Shakya Geiger - 3rd Place Winner

Shakya Geiger - 3rd Place Winner | Black Girl Ventures

Shakya Geiger is the Founder of The Morenita Collection. Created to empower individuals to embrace the roots of their crowns. Shakya encourages all individuals to embrace their natural hair and to protect their hair with high-quality fabrics.

All bonnets, wraps, and turbans are handcrafted. They promote healthy hair and provide powerful self-love affirmations alongside their products to remind people of their beauty and power.

Congratulations from the BGV Community!

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