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Meet The Winners Of The Equilibria Pitch Competition

Kelley Williams - 1st Place Winner

Kelley Williams is the Founder of Curasalve. Her daughter suffered from a persistent diaper rash that wouldn't disappear. After realizing that most diaper rash ointments either didn't work well and had toxic ingredients, she went on a mission to create one. As a former attorney with a background in youth advocacy, creating a product line for children with non-toxic quality ingredients was important for Kelley.

Curasalve is an organic skincare company developed to treat, soothe and prevent diaper rash. Their most popular product, the organic diaper rash treatment paste, is made with five clean, minimalist ingredients to heal diaper rash on contact.

Monisha Edwards - 2nd Place Winner

Monisha Edwards is the Founder of Scent & Fire Candle Company. After being diagnosed with anxiety and depression, she needed a way to manage her mental health naturally without medication. This was when Monisha discovered aromatherapy and candles to bring a sense of calm to her environment. The aromatherapy helped to reduce her frequent anxiety episodes.

After further research of the benefits of essential oils, Monisha curated homemade candles with scent blends using soy wax. This was important for her because she needed candles that weren't going to agitate her asthma. She crafted candles that burned clean and were free of smoke and soot.

This personal journey led her to create Scent & Fire Candle Company. It's a green manufacturer of eco-luxury candles and scented consumables made from raw and recycled materials for environmental sustainability. Their candles are exclusively hand-poured. Their products are also paired with a mobile app that offers digital wellness, music playlists, and a safe community for those who suffer from anxiety and depression.

Since launching, Monisha has expanded the Scent & Fire product line to include loose leaf teas, wax melts, room sprays, and diffusers.

Symphony Lyricist - 3rd Place Winner

Symphony Lyricist is the Founder of Lotus Flower Om. She launched Lotus Flower Om® in 2017 after not finding products in the market that she could integrate into her practice as a reiki practitioner and avid yogi. Their philosophy includes spiritual well-being, plant-based natural goods, and ethically sourced and sustainable products.

Lotus Flower Om is a clean skincare wellness brand that uses plant-powered ingredients infused with holistic blends that balance consumers' minds and skin affected by stress without hurting the planet. Her goal is to be the #1 trusted clean beauty brand that addresses overall skincare holistically to usher in a movement where holistic clean beauty becomes a standard instead of a niche.

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