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Meet The Winners Of The Chicago 2021 Pitch Competition

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Shureice Kornegay - 1st Place Winner

Shureice Kornegay - 1st Place Winner | Chicago 2021 Pitch Competition | Black Girl Ventures

Shureice Kornegay is the Founder of Fleeky Friday, an award-winning beauty brand with loyal customers from over 32 countries. Fleeky Friday was selected as "Best Shimmer" by Byrdie and "Best Eyeshadow Cream" by TODAY. She says, "Do not imitate, innovate! Create products that no other brand has." And she's done just that. Shureice is an award-winning visual artist whose work was called "The Ultimate Glam "by ELLE Magazine. Her viral crystal mask look earned her a share, and a follow from Elle Magazine on Instagram.

In an interview with Authority Magazine, Shureice said, "Great companies innovate and lead. Their brand and products are unique. They offer many products that their competitors do not. Great companies are more likely to create trends than to follow them."

She served on the Board of Directors for Project Exploration and the Illinois Center for Violence Prevention's Youth Advisory Board. She brings her love of service to the community and art together in her business. This can be seen in her thriving community and following of 6k+, bringing beauty solutions to her community through education and tutorials including products to feel beautiful and comfortable.

Temeka Norris - 2nd Place Winner

Temeka Norris - 2nd Place Winner | Chicago 2021 Pitch Competition | Black Girl Ventures

Temeka Norris is the founder of Capable Clothing, a registered nurse who created adaptable clothing that is functional and fashionable. For the last ten years, she has worked with individuals with spinal cord injuries.

The constant lifting and turning of patients were taking a toll on her body. She searched the market for garments that would assist her with lifting her patients, but there was none. Her signature item is the patented Capable Clothing Denim Jeans.

Angelica London - 3rd Place Winner

Angelica London - 3rd Place Winner | Chicago 2021 Pitch Competition | Black Girl Ventures

Angelica London is an artist, educator, and CEO of Lit Kit Art Box, LLC. As the result of the pandemic, she pivoted her business from in-person paint parties to the subscription box model. Angelica noticed people were struggling in three different areas in their lives. They weren't connected to their loved ones and colleagues, they needed enhanced self-care routines, and minority art students in college lacked funds.

So, in-person art classes turned into virtual classes on zoom and she created a subscription box promoting consistent and impactful self-care routines. Lastly, Angelica donates a portion of each sale towards a scholarship fund for minority art students across the country.

Lit Kit Art Box, LLC taps into the creativity of every novice and expert artist ages 6-70 through subscription and non-subscription art boxes. They provide step-by-step instructions in each box and through live lessons taught virtually and (sometimes) in person.

Each box has various art supply surprises that fit monthly themes. In addition to these mystery items, art enthusiasts receive a premium medium to paint with, surfaces to paint on, and two to three YouTube painting tutorial links.

The Kid's Box subscription for children ages 6-14 includes Acrylic paint bottles, a paintbrush set, tabletoa p easel, two to three 8x10 canvases, a paint palette, and two to three YouTube painting tutorial links.

Congratulations from the BGV community!

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