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Meet the 2023 Winners of the Rare Beauty Pitch Competition

Halima Hubbard - 1st Place Winner

Halima, the visionary behind Bath Notes, took the stage to share her inspirational journey and shed light on the vital significance of self-care, particularly for Black women. She openly discussed her personal struggle with anxiety and the revelation of self-care's pivotal role in the lives of Black women, who often contend with stress at a disproportionately higher rate than other groups. In addition, she delved into how Bath Notes' array of bath and body products can deliver a sensory wellness experience that rejuvenates the mind and spirit.

Halima also illuminated the remarkable growth that Bath Notes has achieved over the past year, with an enthusiastic and engaged customer base on social media and their innovative interactive candles swiftly flying off the shelves. She unveiled her ambitious vision to expand the sensory wellness experience through an upcoming wellness app designed to immerse users in soothing sounds via their smartphones.

Furthermore, Halima gave an update on Bath Notes' premium membership service, a game-changer for those seeking deeper relaxation. This service enables users to enjoy additional sound meditation pieces and access a library of music and affirmations designed to nurture the soul. The premium membership offers flexible monthly and annual subscriptions, granting exclusive access to the entire collection of sound meditation pieces, surpassing what's available with individual product purchases.

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Rachel Zeigler - 2nd Place Winner

Rachel Zeigler, the mind behind Naked Chemistry Skincare, recently presented her compelling case for funding to expedite her business's expansion. She underscored the pressing demand for clean skincare solutions, particularly in addressing the lifelong challenge of ingrown hairs, which inspired her company's inception.

Zeigler delved into the remarkable attributes of Naked Chemistry's vegan and effective formulas, emphasizing the product's role in tackling an underserved niche in the market. She shed light on the surging clean beauty sector, illustrating its impressive growth trajectory from a 2022 valuation of $7.22 billion to an anticipated value of $15.29 billion by 2028.

Moreover, Zeigler showcased the social proof validating Naked Chemistry's efficacy, including an impressive customer retention rate and tangible improvements in skin health over time. Notably, she highlighted the company's recognition in reputable publications.

With her sights set on the future, Zeigler articulated her strategic plan for deploying the $15 million investment. Her intentions include securing a dedicated production space and expanding the team to meet escalating demand, positioning her business to thrive in the competitive landscape of the clean beauty market.

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Keta Burke-Williams - 3rd Place Winner

Keta Burke-Williams, the visionary founder behind Ourside, delves into the core mission of her company: revolutionizing the fragrance industry with a commitment to natural and sustainable scents and self-care products. She underscores the escalating demand for these offerings, showcasing Ourside's remarkable success in meeting this need, evidenced by an impressive 49% year-over-year growth and accolades from many esteemed press outlets.

Burke-Williams emphasizes comprehending the psychographic factors that drive consumer behavior, moving beyond demographic insights to grasp the motivations underlying fragrance purchases. She underscores the significance of understanding the 'why' behind a consumer's choice, not solely the product itself.

Leveraging her background in business and the invaluable lessons gleaned from her experiences at Craft and her role in Carnival Cruise's wedding business, Burke-Williams brings a wealth of knowledge to Ourside. With palpable enthusiasm, she outlines her vision for Ourside, including plans for a seed round of funding to propel expansion efforts. These expansion initiatives encompass broadening the product inventory, strengthening the team, and enhancing customer acquisition strategies. Her forward-thinking approach also involves expanding retail and hotel distribution channels while further improving e-commerce sales.

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