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Here Are 4 Ways To Incorporate Giving Tuesday Into Your Campaign

Giving Tuesday is a day set aside to give back to communities. It's a global movement powered by generosity. This is when nonprofits, other organizations, and individuals come together to do good. Every single act of kindness on this day counts, whether it's helping out a neighbor, making a stranger smile through actions or words, offering a helping hand where needed, making physical donations, or even bringing light to a cause or issue that affects society.

This day focuses on creating the world we all want. Aside from offering founders access to community, capital, and capacity building, Black Girl Ventures is dedicated to contributing to supporting communities. As a founder, it's important to focus on profit-making ventures and find ways of giving back to society and marginalized communities. We gathered 4 ways to incorporate Giving Tuesday into your campaign, but first, should you get involved?

Should your nonprofit get involved with Giving Tuesday?
"I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver."—Maya Angelou

Giving Tuesday is set aside for just giving. It creates vast opportunities for nonprofits to garner attention to contribute to many causes. This day urges people nationally to take action, thus increasing donations to nonprofit organizations. As a nonprofit, preparing your organization for the opportunity that this single day will help support your mission is crucial.

From Giving Tuesday's inception in 2012, the US has raised more than $1.9 billion towards various causes. In 2019, nonprofits raised nearly $500 million through digital channels alone.

This day also inspires for-profit companies to add more value to their ventures. Research from Mintel uncovered that 84% of consumers value companies with a charitable cause. According to the study, 50% of consumers make their purchasing decision based on the cause a company supports. Giving Tuesday will add tremendous benefits to your company.

Here are a 4 ways to incorporate Giving Tuesday into your campaign"

1. Start a Facebook Fundraiser

Facebook has millions of users, and the social media platform has many tools to boost your campaigns, such as donation tools and multiple campaign resources to help clarify your goals.

2. Donation Matching

Donation matching is a great way to involve the charitable spirit. Meta recently announced that it would match up to $7 million on all donations on Giving Tuesday this year.

3. Celebrity Endorsement

Do you have celebrity connections? Maybe they're willing to support your cause. Call in that favor! If you don't know anyone, you can purchase messages from any of your favorite stars on Cameo and use them as part of your campaign.

4. Fundraising Thermometer

A study from Non-Profits Source indicates that a fundraising thermometer can increase donations by more than 30%. You can incorporate this into your website to boost engagement.

Make this year memorable by spreading kindness, love, and generosity. Fuel this festive season through Giving Tuesday. If this is your first time participating, feel free to start a new tradition of giving back every year. Not only will this support your nonprofit's mission, but it will also pour into other nonprofit organizations in need. If you still need help deciding what to do, you can find more ideas here.

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