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BGV Holiday Shopping Guide - 32 Black/Brown Women-Owned Businesses to buy from.

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

For this holiday season, Black Girl Ventures has compiled a list of 32 Black and Brown owned businesses to shop with this year. Support Black and Brown women founders this holiday season and beyond.

Let food be your medicine is this local artisan CBD oil company's motto. This family business is on a mission to lead the world to wellness. Swan Simpson is a self-trained vegetarian and vegan chef that creates wholefoods based on infused recipes and superfoods. They use only premium organic THC free CBD oil to infuse with their foods.

Enjoy foods that are mainly gluten-free with or without infusion. Available to order are wraps, tonics, juices, smoothies, and so much more! They also have CBD oils available for purchase, and you can learn more about the cannabis industry.

Baking can be challenging for most people. However, with KakeMi Cakes, you can bake a cake in 90 seconds with their easy to make cake kits! Bake a cake without the hard work. These adorable mug-sized cakes give you a chance to make anyone feel special with their decorative theme sets. Great for birthdays, holidays, and all sorts of sweet memories that you would like to create.

What's even better is, if you subscribe to their newsletter, you'll receive 10% off your order. KakeMi CAkes is also offering free shipping on orders of $35 or more. These are perfect for the upcoming holiday season!

Sip & Share Wines is a micro-winery producing a variety of artisanal vegan wines. They're passionate about helping others to create communities of wine enthusiasts. But most importantly, they aim to highlight wine lovers who are often overlooked and underrepresented by the wine industry. In January 2019, Sip & Share Wines released 7 Words Wine Collection, seven delicious, artisanal vegan-friendly wines:

  • Love White Zinfandel

  • Awaken Sweet White Wine (White Sangria)

  • Gratitude Red Blend (Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot)

  • Abundance Sweet Red Wine (Red Sangria)

  • Conjure Old Vine Zinfandel

  • Manifest Chardonnay

Not only can you purchase these tasty wines, but you can also join their Wine Club. You can receive monthly or quarterly deliveries of 2, 4, or 6 bottles of sweet, dry, or both wines right to your door at a 10% discount.

There is no fee to join! You only pay for the cost of your wine, plus tax, shipping, and or delivery. Be sure to double-check that your state can receive wines through the mail. Review the list of states on their website.

What a great gift for this holiday season!

SKINCARE BLK + GRN BLK + GRN is a marketplace that connects Black women with natural lifestyles to high-quality, toxic-free brands that promote health, wellness, and community cultivation. All Black artisans are carefully chosen by Black women's health experts who know how to identify and create all-natural products. They have three different Black Friday promos happening and when you regularly shop there you can collect points to unlock more benefits such as early access to newly launched products and VIP access to various events.

CocoaShea You'll shine thanks to CocoaShea's luscious body butter. Use it on your body, face, and hair. Whether you're prone to dry skin, acne, or eczema, you can still lather yourself up with CocoaShea. Created with all-natural, plant-based ingredients sourced from Ghana, West Africa then whipped with essential oils to further penetrate the skin. CocoaShea will leave the skin supple and moisturized. Their products are specially formulated not to leave behind the "greasy" feeling but one that is velvety and smooth. Mel's Butter Blends Mel's Butter Blends creates natural products primarily from aloe and mango butter, that provide solutions to typical hair and skin issues, such as eczema and alopecia. Their products are not water-based or shea butter based like most natural products in the mainstream market. You can find your hair type on their website and match it with the best hair butter for your needs. Also available are products for skin health and men. Feel free to order samples to test whichever product that's piqued your interest. Sign up for their newsletter and receive 15% off of your initial purchase! Rinnovare Skincare LLC Rinnovare Retinol skin cream has been in the making for many years. The word Rinnovare means renew in Italian. The product restores your skin. Rinnovare is an anti-aging skin cream that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Its formulated with natural ingredients that have proven over time to be essential ingredients to skincare. It promotes healthy skin and even tones. Shea BODYWORKS Shea BODYWORKS believes in creating skincare experiences and not just skincare products. It has the world's finest and purest natural ingredients. Their products focus on chronically dry, aging, and sensitive skin. Shea BODYWORKS uses raw, unrefined Shea Butter with a mixture of organic oils and essential oils to create a moisturizer for the entire body. They are currently offering 15% off your order for the Black Friday season and free shipping when you use the promo code FREESHIP19. Sign up for their newsletter and receive 10% off of your first purchase! Sabreen Cosmetics Sabreen Cosmetics seeks to serve the often-underrepresented women of color in the clean cosmetic and beauty industry. They are created by hand with high-quality, non-toxic, PETA-Certified vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients with your health and love for beauty in mind. Every single ingredient is researched and tested to ensure that their products are formulated with the best quality materials that are not only safe for their customers but have minimal impact on the environment. Check out The Sabreen Queen Gloss™. It's a lipgloss infused with vitamins, oils, and a variety of butter. Enter your email address to receive 10% off your initial order. And free shipping on orders of $40 or more. Use the code BlackFriday to receive 20% off your order! HAIR CARE H&H

If you're not already wearing satin material to protect your hair, then H&H will change your mind. The benefits of wearing satin include low absorbency, which means your hair and skin continue to remain moisturized. The satin lining limits breakage and split ends. H&H locally produces satin-lined baseball caps and ski masks. The silky texture reduces the chances of Friction Alopecia and scalp irritation while combating frizz and receding hairlines. But H&H isn't just another handcrafted headwear company. They focus on social enterprise by empowering impoverished girls to create futures as smooth as satin, one satin lined hat at a time. Young girls learn the lost art of sewing and other valuable employment skills.

InstaBeauty InstaBeauty is an on-demand delivery service of beauty, grooming, and skincare needs. If you're a beauty supply store who's in a pinch, then InstaBeauty is the one to call. They offer same-day on-demand delivery service of beauty supply store products. Working professionals are now able to order beauty products during the workday and have it delivered during their lunch breaks. They extend their reach to consumers who have disabilities, limited time, and or little to no access to transportation. Their mission is to promote self-care and spread beauty around the world inside and out. Join their mailing list and receive 10% off your first order! KAZMALEJE Are you tired of hair tools and accessories that don't work? Kazmaleje (pronounced cosmology) has created hair tools that are made specifically to address the styling and detangling needs for those with curly, coily, and kinky hair. Their Kurls+ Detanglers are multi-functional hair tools that will not only ease your detangling process but will:

Reduce the amount of hair breakage

Allow you to detangle and section your hair all in one tool

Reduce your detangling time

Allow you to clean them between uses easily

Make your wash days so much more enjoyable

Provide you with a multi-purpose hair tool that not only works on curly, coily, kinky hair but can be used for wig and extension care as well as on straight hair

They also have accessories and apparel. Enjoy 10% off your first order when you subscribe to their newsletter and free shipping on orders of $40 or more. They are currently offering 30% off on all orders for the Black Friday season. NATURAZ NATURAZ is an ingredient-conscious product line that is 100% vegan, Non-GMO, and formulated to infuse lasting moisture and nourishment to hair. Their passion and mission are to get you to love, handle, and wear your beautiful natural hair, regardless of type, with ease, beauty, and grace. They are created by a chemist who wanted to assist women with "hard to manage hair. They have a Moisture Blast System bundle to assist you in bringing back the moisture and vibrancy of your hair. Are you frustrated with your hair? Give this innovative hair product line a try!

They are currently offering 20% off if you use the code BFD19. Ruby Sampson Ruby Sampson is is a fashion utility brand for textured-hair women. They created the silk-lined headwrap for women with natural hair who experience chronic dryness and breakage: their unique textiles and bold prints. Be sure to check out their cocktail style satin robes and read up on their blog for tips on repairing the health of your hair. The Urban Meet Braid Shop The Urban Meet Braid Shop offers a variety of haircare needs that include wigs, braids, and crochet. Andrea and Nunu have a combined experience of 30 years in the hair industry. The hair salon also offers eco-friendly and cruelty-free braiding and hairstyling. APPAREL Ashley Alves Collection Ashley Alves Collection is the sustainable luxury brand on a mission to inspire change. It's the premier collection, Bolsa Verde (Green Bag), which defines the mission one bag at a time. Handcrafted from vintage fabrics and environmentally sustainable materials from around the world, each bag in the Bolsa Verde collection is a work of art with a unique story. The Cape Verdean culture influenced collection is stunning. Each year the designer travels worldwide to flea markets from all over the world, collecting incredible fabrics to create these luxury bags. Shoulder Bare Barelastics Barelastics is a discreet accessory that keeps your off the shoulder fashion wear in place. If you wear off the shoulder clothing, then you'll need this accessory. This is a common problem for anyone who doesn't want to fuss with their off the shoulder outfits. They offer free shipping on U.S. orders that are $30 and above! My Testimony Is Dope This apparel line seeks to encourage individuals to be empowered by their struggles by helping those who are held hostage by their past to be set free. When you wear these shirts, you are taking a stand creating a statement. Their motto is: "To those who struggle with speaking thine own truth. Those who hide behind the veils of society while yearning deeply to be set show their true colors. Your testimony is our testimony, and of course, it's DOPE!"Enjoy discounted prices during this holiday season. The Dinner Table Documentary, Inc (nonprofit) Can I Live and Respect Her Narratives are a line of comfortable crewnecks created by The Dinner Table Documentary to further the narrative of women of color in society. Founded in 2014, the Dinner Table Doc is a 501(c) (3) New York City, a nonprofit organization that hosts media literacy workshops and self-esteem building events for young women of color. They partner with schools and community organizations to provide college and career readiness workshops and programming. Often when women of color speak out on their concerns, they're met with resistance and opposition, and we're tired of it. So as women of color with thoughts, feelings, passions, and dreams, they ask themselves, "Can I Live?" All proceeds go toward supporting the nonprofit. Grab yourself a tee, hoodie, or sweatshirt today! HOME DECOR Chickwares Chickwares is an online boutique offering a curated collection of chic giftables, accessories, decor, and apparel. Items are hand-picked for their customers. At Chickwares, they're committed to providing all things that are pretty, fabulous, and fun. They focus on supporting other small businesses and entrepreneurs and, as often as possible, work directly with independent designers and other female business owners. Need a gift for your bestie, mom, sister, your co-worker, or a girl-boss who's killing the game? Then you'll find unique gift items on Chickwares. They currently have quite a few things on sale for the Black Friday season. Joonafrica JOONAFRICA is an online global community that features stunning features for the "classic AFROPOLITAN household." In this space, you can find high-quality goods designed with a deep appreciation for African style, design, and cuisine.

This platform caters to the Afropolitan home and kitchen. The Afropolitan (African and Cosmopolitan) aesthetic represents a diverse cultural experience with people who appreciate the African aesthetic, yet requires a modern approach that represents the mobility of the African millennial. They hand-select the most talented creators from the African diaspora who reside all over the globe. Free shipping on orders $60 or more! KIDS Callaloo Kids Callaloo is a children's media brand that promotes cultural understanding and social awareness education for toddlers and children ages 3-7 through books, animation, live performance, digital content, games, and arts education tools. Callaloo's mission is to create, produce, and distribute educational content that encourages literacy, cultural understanding, and social awareness for children. Through our brand's mission, Callaloo aims to empower all children to take pride in themselves and expand their horizons. Invite your children to watch the web series, learn more about the fictional characters, and have fun while learning from characters that look like them. LACH Lach is a place where parents can purchase and sell gently used items. This is an opportunity for mothers to make a bit of money selling items that are taking up space in their homes. But this is more than just a marketplace. On the site or the app, mothers can connect and share the joys of parenting. STEAMing Engineers Party Time Party Time is a kid-centered business that provides kids, parties, entertainment services, and STEAMing Engineers. STEAMing Engineers offers Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math (STEAM) curriculum and engage in Out of School Time programming. The STEAM curriculum is for children to investigate, discover, and record. Party Time STEAM empowers children with critical thinking skills while engaging in the scientific method and gaining STEM skills. This is a space where children can learn, create, explore, and be curious! TRAVEL & MINDFULNESS Cultural Heritage Alliance for Tourism, Inc.

The Cultural Heritage Alliance for Tourism, Inc. works to enhance the business and tourism capacity of small businesses and attractions in heritage neighborhoods and multicultural communities. CHAT creates opportunities to engage and increase participation in their local tourism ecosystems, which ultimately helps to strengthen and sustain tourism in Florida. Through their CHAT networks, they serve as a tour and business development company. They partner with tourism-related small businesses, local attractions, and tour guides to curate cultural activities. For example, they host heritage bus and walking tour experiences that drive more locals, tourists, and dollars into heritage neighborhoods and multicultural communities. They offer special rates for group curated tours. Consciously Connected Travel Consciously Connected focuses on Travel & Wellness with purpose. They craft, create & cultivate the most culturally rich and locally immersive experiences. Their soulful experiences cater to travel and wellness. Every time you travel with them, they donate a percentage to a local project, charity, or community and plant a tree to help combat your carbon footprint. They have since planted 320 trees and donated over $48k to local projects, communities, and causes worldwide. Cocoaxshea Cocoa x Shea is a planner collection that's focused on helping millennial girls gather their hustle, home & turn-up in one place because managing adulthood is challenging. Cocoa x Shea shares strategies on persevering through the rough parts of adulting. You receive hacks and products to help you remember all the adulting that you have to do, while still making it cute. The planners and other products partner with you to stick it out and execute. Vurde Guided by a passion for people, good food, wellness, culture, and music, they fuse these passions to create the ultimate experience to rest, relax, and release. Vurde curates a quarterly subscription experience connecting you to crafted recipes, curated playlist, yummy food products from dope food purveyors, and mindful activities guaranteed to put that extra pep back in your step. Vurde is the perfect self-care solution, or as a gift to someone you love, every box comes full of love. It's mindfulness at your doorstep. Use promo code Vurde5 to receive $5 off your first subscription box! The RN CEO Melinda Williams is a Wellness Coach who focuses on the whole person. A registered nurse who healed herself by creating nutritious foods, she wants to do the same for you. She assists her clients in transitioning into the vegan lifestyle that saved her life! Receive 10% off your first purchase when you sign up for her newsletter! She also has tons of healthy and delicious recipes that you can try at home. SERVICES (Co-working space, tech plaforms, etc) Seat Detroit Seat Detroit offers state of the art co-working spaces for the curious, hard-working, social entrepreneurs. Individuals who want to focus on creating great, innovative products and businesses without worrying about rent, electricity, or running out of coffee! Some of the amenities they offer are the use of Business Address, receive packages, unlimited printing of black and white, the use of conference rooms, coffee, tea, and snacks. They have several packages for different needs, with pricing as low as $15 a month! Be sure to join the community so you can remain focused and scale your business. Fedup A platform for home cooks and caterers to publish their menus and have their customers place orders with them for a seamless experience. Ultimately, reducing the time between getting discovered and receiving an order. COBRA COBRA is a savings method where a group of people each pool an equal amount of money for some time (month, two weeks, etc.). Once that time is up, one person in the group receives the pooled money. The pool continues until everyone receives their turn and gets that full lump sum one time. COBRA has features such as automatic payments and reminders. Allocate your funds to debit from different accounts. Then enjoy financial literacy and games, etc. Add this to your New Year's goals for 2020! Sign up for the BGV newsletter below and be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and join our Facebook group (for founders only).

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