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2 Simplified Ways To Boost Productivity for 2023

Are you fully prepared for Q1? Yes, it's already started, but not everyone is prepared beforehand, and honestly, it's still possible to get on track. Many take the start of the new year to create better habits and try to get a jump start on productivity. Social media is flooded with 'New Year, New Me' posts as people discuss workout agendas and diet changes while creating budgets that make them spend better for the year.

So what does organizing your business look like? Here are two simplified ways to boost productivity for 2023 so you can positively stay on track.

1. Create A Marketing Budget

Do you know how much you're spending for marketing? For example, knowing how much you can spend on print, digital, ads, and events is essential before starting your marketing plan. What marketing tactics will you include in your marketing plan? Create a list of people you want to reach, and then be strategic in getting your business in their direct line of sight. You can't just email everyone or expect them to see you because you tag them on social. Everyone else is doing the same thing. How will you get your brand to stand out? Remember, it takes multiple times for someone to see your brand before interacting.

Now it's time to plan how you will implement those tactics. Get into the timeline, deadlines, and goals you want to reach before the end of the year. Ask yourself, where do you want to start next year? Try implementing monthly tasks, like creating content calendars and website upkeep. Weekly tasks like team check-ins, planning, and daily tasks like making a daily to-do list. Check out this article on underrated strategies that will keep your customers coming back.

2. Rework Your Operations

Being disorganized can make everything harder, especially regarding your organizational flow. Look for ways to improve simple things like your workspace, declutter your desk, and get rid of paper pile up. Scan important documents digitally. That way, you don't have to dig through paperwork in a time crunch.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Where do all your incoming items for your business go?

  • What about the cables around your desk?

These simple things can cause physical friction because if you trip, who will do the errands you handle for your business regularly? If you don't have someone, consider hiring a virtual assistant or an intern to help you respond to emails, communicate with clients, create presentations, and schedule appointments.

Hire help if you also feel overworked and stressed about the flow of your business. Look at it as something other than spending more money, but instead as an investment into your business—more time to focus on working on your business leaves room for you to earn more.

Brainstorm other ways you can automate your business. For instance, consider using chatbots for customer services, time management tools to help with your calendar and social media planning tools to handle posting and ads. Many of these programs don't require you to be knowledgeable with tech; if you get an assistant, they can manage it.

Overall, planning at the beginning of the year is as important as the end of the year. Plan to accomplish all the goals you have for your business by taking a moment to preplan. Think of your long-term and short-term goals, and then decide how you will check them off your list. No goal is too far away with strategic approaches in place.

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