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Black and Brown women-identifying founders still receive less than 1% of VC funding. After the brutal murder of George Floyd in front of the world at home during the pandemic, there was talk of change. Unfortunately, when the nation faced another crisis with inflation and money was cut, it affected the founders who still sat at the bottom. Black business owners saw a 45% decline in VC funding.

The problem in funding isn’t just financial capital, there is also the absence of social capital as first-generation founders don't have connections through business platforms, or previous generations. Many founders of color are doing this alone, without someone to guide them along the way.

Black Girl Ventures is embarking on year 7 of creating access to social and financial capital for hundreds of Black and Brown women-identifying founders with a vision to impact thousands more.

As we continue to be a vehicle for change in our communities and strive to make a global impact, the VC world remains unchanged.

This is where we need your help to break the 1% ceiling.


The needle hasn’t moved, and while society moves on to the next problem plaguing our community, our founders are still at the same stopping point, and the landscape of Black and Brown business continues to grow. If the VC ecosystem won’t help, who will?

We must come together to build up the other 99% in the spirit of community or nothing. How are you going to play your part? Take the pledge to give back to the Black and Brown community of founders that BGV serves.


About Black Girl Ventures

Black Girl Ventures Foundation (BGV) is a 501(c) non-profit organization that focuses on Black and Brown women-identifying founders. They started with rent-party-styled pitch competitions that is a combination of Kickstarter and Shark Tank. BGV has grown to include a community at and a group on Facebook. BGV mission is to provide Black and Brown women-identifying founders with access to community, capital and capacity building. To find out more go to 

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